1973 Plymouth Duster Restoration Project

1973 Plymouth Duster Restoration Project

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1973 Plymouth Duster Restoration Project

Builders daughter found a 1973 Duster with the slant six and factory moonroof. Builder told her if she bought the car he would restore it for her graduation. The engine was swapped out for a 1968 318 punched .030″. The transmission is a 1993 46RH from a two wheel drive Dakota with overdrive and an 1800 stall lock up converter. Builder and his two kids did all the work minus some help hanging the new panels and getting it painted. Rear is an 8 3/4 with 4:11 and suregrip clutch type. It was one he stole from his 71 Duster he had in high school. The intake came from that car also. Builder will happy to answer any questions about this project in forum link provided below.

Builder: captaintrucks
Build Thread: http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/threads/1973-duster-build.350043/
This video purpose is to tell world about amazing car build project and to inspire ever growing car builder community around the world. So if you’re inspired in building your own car and want to learn more about how to do it in best way, don’t hesitate and read build source page so you can learn something new and if something is not clear you can always ask builder some questions about the build.



SuperJulian357 says:

first song?

Terminal Psychosis says:

Killer build vid. To paint the motor PINK for the girl… that's some mad love right there. ;P
Lucky chick, and lucky us, for getting to see the transformation.
Aside from the pink motor, I'd be SO happy with that car.

Rx Lo10 says:

Very nice job👍

Dirty D says:

Red……. pink would've even been better. Sweet car anyway though!

Russell Davis says:

have the hood repainted, the stripe is not centered

James Wornica says:

why the early engine mounts

Jason Cordova says:

Should be pink panther

Justin Carrier says:

I would have put a fat blower on top of that engine but it's a cool and nice build good job

Luis Gonzalez says:

Great build,not crazy about the pepto bismol color of the engine but it looks good.

Lourenço Mendes says:

Very nice work 👍👍👍

Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus says:

Very nice work, I'm sure she's very proud of her Duster. I like the engine call outs, .030 over 318.

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