5 Awesome Car Life Hacks

5 Awesome Car Life Hacks

Life Hacks for your car. Make a quick holder for your mobile phone or Sat Nav. Stop your windows from steaming up, fix a slow seat belt and more. DIY Phone Case – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxjRcyfRjkg

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way2sh0rt07grad says:

Too bad my cars American made

Jody Dickens says:

My Grandmas Car

Jody Dickens says:

Davehax 2006 Buick Laccrosse

Carrie Lauer says:

Super-great ideas; I shall use them! Also, fun soundtrack. Thanks much.

The HeartBeat Show says:

Hi, great channel! Please look at what we have to offer! Thanks!

Eman Biswas says:

Who dosent have a cup holder but has a Duck tape on hand?????

Blue Jedi says:


HackMack TV says:

wow nice video 🙂 I have a similar one on my channel 🙂
5 Amazing Car Life Hacks (Luxury Edition)

Michelle Sedlock says:

do not place anything under your driver's seat. how dumb can this guy be.

mattieniki says:

Nice Fiat Stilo mate!

Josh/icraft says:

Yh cuz everyone is gonna carry duck tape

MrSGL21 says:

Haven't got a decent cup holder = driving shity euro trash cars.

TVATodd says:

Why do many dislikes? The hacks were original and fairly useful, I thought.

Kathyrene Clet says:

I love the pretty disgusting huh hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

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