5 DIY Budget Visual Car Mods That Look Awesome

5 DIY Budget Visual Car Mods That Look Awesome

Ever wanted to add some non ricer visual car mods? There is such a huge selection. There is a wide variety if DIY Visual Car Mods that you can do, you can vinyl wrap your car, add am aftermarket shift knob, tint your windows, and so much more.

MishiMoto Shift Knob: https://amzn.to/2TY45If
Vinyl: https://amzn.to/33oY0Ym

Headlight Restoration:

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joe martin says:

Good advice, keep it up

none of your buisness Seriously says:

Imma kinda scared touching manual shifters due to she custom made the weighted shifter a D#$% from one of her old used adult toys. The lesson I learned from that is to pay for lessons knowing that car wasn't use for a lesbian threesom.

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