Amazing DIY Car IDEAS

Amazing  DIY Car IDEAS

Hey my friends
  With this tool you can protect your car from damage
but do not forget to check if it’s allowed on your country.
as always, I hope you like it’!!

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FreluxXxHs says:

Tell me how you open door now?

Extralogy says:

awesome ideas
keep it up bro

Fakger Aldeen says:

keep it up🖒🖒😆

Jürgen Masuhr says:

Kurvenfahrt muss man Abstriche machen. Mit dem anschweißen ist es doch wohl nicht erst gemeint, oder?

Hermann Winkel says:

Das ist niemals erlaubt 🙈

Richard Tibbetts says:

Great little idea!

gyandras1 says:

undisguised clumsy

Alias Glilou says:

is that legal ?

Danilo Benvegnu says:

Good job 👏👏👏

tyler richard says:

Great idea but now u won’t be able to turn good with the trailer cause those two tabs will stop the trailer tongue once they hit

Mika Knispel says:

Nur doof das der Kofferraum nicht mehr aufgeht trotzdem praktisch

Ken Soo says:

replace that cheap cable with chains. thats not safe

Roberto Hernandez says:


xXxOHHUxXx says:

Dr.Hacker remember me? im ur 3rd subscriber i comment on ur 2nd vid i guess im proud u made it to 78k subs and my old name is Bogart312 remember?

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