Best Car Mod For Under £10!!

Best Car Mod For Under £10!!

So Ive done this to previous cars before.. So thought id show you how to in case you wanted to join the flip key gang! Enjoy.

Flip key case –

Hoodies –
Business –

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- Red Panda Videos - says:

Why is it called Vaulhaux In the UK?

jubodi says:

do you have to take apart the flip key and get just the key cut or can you kee pit assembled while the person cuts it

Matt Dewsbury says:

Not all drivers are the same pal ….

Kevin Bhasi says:

0:15 I believe the reason why they're that quick, is because they get paid a certain (unfair) amount of money for the number of packages they deliver, rather that being paid on the hour.

Kyal Johnson says:

Does anyone know what that black tiny thing he said to not lose was just curious what it is ?

Duncan Harris says:

nice upgarade for a GM pos ,but its still polishing a turd ?

megaflea2k says:

Nice screwpliver

Lehel Zelenka says:

Call me oldfashioned but I really like my Vectra keyfob which is the same as on the Astra. Also it is so much better quality than these chinese flipkeys.

Joseph Banks says:

Why are every vauxhalls interior the same in the 2003 ones

Umair Sheikh says:

Now I miss my 04 astra :'( best car I ever owned

skoopity woop says:

Because maybe they are busy? Not their fault that they have tight schedules

Roman says:

tiene dinero para comprarse una plastico para cambiar la apariencia del mando y no para comprar un destornillador xD

Bennyboy says:

Only problem I had when I did my key was all the high street key cutters timpsons etc wouldn't cut the key as they didn't supply it!! Went to a back street place in the end and no issues there.

Tackle Tart TV says:

I'm guessing the 105 dislikes are delivery drivers hahaha

n01 n01 says:

Stept on that cluch when you turn your car on or of, for the god say!!!

I'm Wasted says:

Hi if you have a spare wheel it has to be legal or it will fail the mot, if you don't have one it will still pass as its not a requirement to have one.

Dan Coulson says:

Might be worth mentioning that the buttons on the PCB must align with the button covers on the new fob.

Poppis_ 21 says:

Finally a YouTuber that drives an opel/vauxhall

Ben Goddard says:

same problem for me with delivery people however didn't even bother knocking last time 😠

MrDanMan says:

I'm going to do this as my first "car mod"

Fl0w says:

oo look at me i now have a flip key for my shit astra

Phone user says:

You just earned another subscriber! Great videos man!

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