I get this question alot and it’s “What should I do to my car first?” Well, in today’s video, I give you my 3 suggestions on what mods to do to a car when you first get it! On my 2015 WRX I went for 1. Exhaust 2. Suspension and 3. Wheels/tires! Now, this is totally optional, but these are my preferences!

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The Real Gavin Carnes says:

Wtf you car sounds terrible

Janez Demsar says:

rice rice baby

Michael A Jackson Films says:

If only guys listened to good advice.

Jinxx Pou says:

got that subaru looking right 😛

TnT Duck says:

I have seen some rude comments and I just want to say if u like your car that's good I hate seeing hate in the car community

Birki gts says:

If the camber is visible, there is too much. That's a recipe for uneven tire wear and will worsen grip.

SaiverxTV says:

– Has loud car
– First thing he does is open the window (to hear the sexy sound of the car?)
– Starts recording
– Does NOT have a mic setup (for instance one sitting on his shirt)
– Impossible to hear what he's saying because of the loud car AND the music (unless you really try to listen)
In my opinion the video quality is perfect, but audio quality has always been more important.

Dustin, why :(?

Jose Arizmendi says:

I recently put rims and tires on my 2007 Chevy Impala. I don't know much of modifications can anybody guide me on what to do next wether it's a visual or performance upgrade?

Stanley So says:

is it just me or those wheels are extremly ugly

SilverGC8 says:

I come from the old school philosophy of modding a Subaru; build it from the ground up. If you got an Impreza, it sure as hell wasn't for the power. You got it for the handling. Therefore, tires and rims, rear sway bar to get rid of understeer, and then a seat that'll actually hold you. But the best mod out there, is to the driver.

Eren Gurturk says:

Hello , i have a slk250 2006 model i want to modify so bad. anyone can help ? what should i do for some good hp ?

Backslash says:

people please do not install super loud fart cans on your cars.

KalonMcL Global says:

The exhaust helps you understand your car language

1pyroace1 says:

Upgrade ur exhaust for performance not loudness ……

Jim Bengochea says:

Keep it up Dustin, you're awesome!

Jim Jones says:

sounds like shit

Huzayfa Khan says:

Fucking nice Subaru.

Jesus H. Christ says:

Window tint is always first

Nate Higgers says:

Short dip stick mod.

Joseph Wheeler says:

Came for the vid, came again for the subie 😏

FusioN_Matrix says:

I just wanted to get into modding and stuff and I know this might sound like a dumb question but what cars are good that you would recommend?

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