D-I-Y Aero Bumper Mod is Not Ricer – Ain’t Fuelin’ Honda Civic Build

D-I-Y Aero Bumper Mod is Not Ricer – Ain’t Fuelin’ Honda Civic Build

An experiment in fiberglass and bondo.

Most aftermarket aero kits are hideous. My goal is to make Slambo aerodynamically slick, not to rice* it out and try to look like some other car that it isn’t.

So I had to try the D-I-Y …

D-I-Y Airdam or Cheap eBay Lip?

Dip the Pig! Spraying Elastiwrap …

Complete Ain’t Fuelin’ playlist:

*Rice = Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement



stkmltS says:

This video is worth watching just for your commentary and the hilarious one-liners every once in a while. Keep up the good work!

MyLonewolf25 says:

Add a completely flat floor and rubber strips (flexible but durable) as close as you can to the ground!
Awesome way to lower drag!

Domenic B says:

Rice rice baby

Papa Cuck says:

hm…rice af.

ColoRADo Downhill says:

Look pretty rice to me.

Jimmy Ray says:

Hey check out my 1998 Honda Civic Vtec swap project. I still have 6 mods that I have not had a chance to add to it yet. Just been too busy working all the time for weeks and weeks.

nimai mederos says:

you made it look 10 times worst!!!!

Gray says:

i really enjoy your vids i have same car but b18 jdm gsr swaped

santi o says:

wow great video. but i get what the hole video is about but that bumper is for straight line speed what about the corners.
great video btw
did u ever get it in the wind tunnel
and what was the weight difference?
any testing videos?
very interested

chikogota says:

good idea, but thats alot of work for the weight you added, it is easier to work with rivets and an aluminium sheet of 0.5 or 0.8 mm, also you dont need it smooth to get less draft, when you hit 80 km the air start flowing as a fluid, and this means that the surface area is less important than the actual shape you are going to do

now you have tons of air going in and nothing going out, on drag it is not that important the air exits on the sides and bonnet, but if you are thinking on time attack or circuit racing you will need them

if it is not daily driven also you can take out the coolin fans and on track the engine can work fine specially if it is a D series

take care and good video, hope to see more aero parts done by yourself!

Cash says:

please do one for a 20007 volkswagen eos

ciciro6 says:

post this on ecomodder.com and you'll probably get some interest.

Kaitlyn Crisfulli says:

How much would you charge me for one 08 kia rio

Mr. A says:

All that trouble for a shitty car like that. What a waste of time.

Jack Marwick says:

Can someone please tell me, I'm new to this guy I just found this today, but Is this guy serious?

Tekky Quickbits says:

I just saw a riced-up accord earlier, the guy said it had a 502HP VTEC Twin Turbo

Anon Ymous says:

I watched the previous episodes and came to this one. What in the fuck did you do to this poor car? That bumper is hideous lol.

Justin Moore says:

ID Bye One! Anyone into tuning vs just ricing should be interested in working improvement parts!

Angel Oquendo II says:

how much would one be?

The Jekyll says:

Its a cool idea, and it reminds me of the civic drag racing bumpers

TheeJoeyLee says:

reminds me of the 06-08 sedan bumper. Maybe it will catch on for that reason also

Hayden M says:

Depending on the price I'd buy one

Politik With a Z says:

yeah they already sell a kit like this.
if your worried about someone calling you a ricer you shouldnt be into cars. cuz u are making the car for others than you.
i own a honda civic with a b16a2. i like the stock look. dont need aero with only 180hp. aero helps with 400hp+. but great video. never fuck with body work. but atleast i understand how its done.
and you know all the trolls are going to show up and talk shit. so get ready. it is the internet

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