DIY CAR MODS UNDER $30.00 $$$ (Must Haves) – OCS DIY

DIY CAR MODS UNDER $30.00 $$$ (Must Haves) – OCS DIY

This video is about DIY Car Mods under $30.00 dollars (Must Haves)

This video illustrates some of the nice mods I found for under $30.00. This mods were done on a 2015 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51 but can probably incorporate into any car.

1. Chrome Brake Booster Cover (2pc) – $30.00
2. Painted Intake Cover – $30.00
3. Painted Side Plates – $30.00
4. Vinyl Tint Sidemarker and Reflector Blackout Covers – $20.00
5. Fuse Box, Hood Strut, and Wheel Center Cap Carbon Fiber 4D Vinyl – $20.00
6. Sun Visor Vinyl – $20.00
7. Hood Liner Polished Steel Buttons – $20.00
8. LED Interior Light Bulb Replacement – $20.00 to $30.00

Please feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions.



Drew Stokes says:

I cant believe you are making the car a Chevrolet CorRICE. How much power them stickers adding? Lmao.

saneauto says:

1712 Great stuff James try out my classic car vids

Camaro Time says:

Great vid and sweet vette!

Mad CamaroMan says:

Man that looks good πŸ€™

The Budget Awakens says:

i subbed, sub back plz and lets all work together πŸ™‚

da big dawg yo says:



3:40 that thing is actually illegal…. you HAVE TO HAVE these warning signs on your car… while I agree they look like shit… it is an obligation

Jun H Choi says:

nice car bra

Khaos says:

dope Video!!

Queen of Beauty says:

I like it ,keep going

James 11 says:

This really gave me some ideas thanks

RealLx says:

Great Video Bro make more?πŸ‘

T.V Harmonies says:

Very informative! Don't know how you do it !

Leopoldo Cagas says:

Lit broπŸ™ŒπŸ½

P se Phunny says:

Great video keep uploading moreπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Cali Win says:

Dope vid dope car! Do you know any mods I could do to my 2015 Dodge Challenger?

CRI5PY says:

Loving the car 😍

Absolute says:

Great vid πŸ™‚

LethalLev says:

Nice vid man!

OnlineCarShow says:

Sorry the video is so bad on the vinyl side mark tint. I'm about to release a video featuring these…

OnlineCarShow says:

I will add an update video in a couple months with some more mods. Stay tuned…

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