DIY Hand Crank Tow Winch ($35 Ebay winch mod)

DIY Hand Crank Tow Winch ($35 Ebay winch mod)

I recently purchased a new truck (well, 15 yrs old but new to me) that is only 2 wheel drive. I do a lot of camping in places that are easy to get a vehicle stuck in so I’ve been thinking about this winch project for a while. I’ll feel a lot better having this hand crank winch on hand. Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below!

Here’s a link you can use to find similar boat winches as the one in this video (this is an affiliate link):

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Scott Baker says:

Lock washers are well worth the money.

COBRA one says:

Lock washers on bolts

Donald Duncan says:

you should lay something over you cable so if it breaks it wont whip and possibly severally harm uou or others but nice idea I may build this to

steven linley says:

Nice work! Couldn't help but notice that the chain you're using is not lifting grade chain. Definitely be careful of this. You can tell by looking at the welds on each chain link. Lift grade has a wide band looking weld and you can see yours has narrow raised welds. Just something for everyone to be aware of. Hopefully I can save someone being seriously hurt.

Nathan Link says:

Grammatical Error: angle grinder

Proper term: ankle grinder

Tim Seguine says:

It would have been good if you explained why the mod works a little more. I got it just fine, but I think a lot of your appeal is that you make scientific principles approachable and practical. I consider it a missed opportunity.

Bob C says:

Started doing this 30 years ago.

Sma 556 says:

Love it, man. Please be safe and put some carpet over the cable, which can do serious damage to you. Be nice to the tree too.

Jim Manson says:

Those bent S-hooks on your chain scare the hell out of me (weakest link). Get some proper, load rated Grab Hooks. And I hope that chain is hardened, or load rated also. Working with lifting equipment can be dangerous, and requires training.

Abajh Alghamdi says:

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

geoffrey ward says:

you could put a bolt and d-shackle at the other end to clear the rubbing on the cable,also I think running the cable through a snatch block and back to the winch gives you a 150% 1000 pounds would become 1500 pounds.hope this helps.

Kenney Chappuis says:

Wow the quality of your camera is incredible.

L Malino says:

Missed the winch mod that doubled the winch's power. Actually, did not see any winch mod in this video. Moving the arm to the other post is not a mod and doesn't increase it's pull rating.

Drew w says:

There are lighter and stronger options on the market for winches that are not much more money. And they have mounting points built into the frame, so no need for some cobbled together gigantic C channel frame. I'd also suggest synthetic rope/cable to make it lighter and stronger.

Nelson Reyes says:

Great video! Use synthetic line. SAFETY EQUIPMENT!!!! Gloves when handling the cable, line dampers, and eye protection. Great invention!

Lance Bosma says:

Great Idea I could've used it for a prodject I'm working on.

Gavin Burger says:

Thanks again for making this video, I see how much work was put into this. I would suggest just moving the place where you click the wire of the winch to the bolt. You could just drill a hole on the front of your base plate and then connect the end of the wire to front of your base plate. Easy fix to your friction wear on the wire problem.

Gavin Burger says:

Great content thanks

Blakehx says:

Very cool project, thanks! What kind of drill bits do you use… I seem to burn through bits in no time!?

Pierre Desaulniers says:

Nice rig.Just a tought,maybe attaching an other shackel at this end and clip your hook on it instead of the other end will solve your rubbing problem, without very much weight increase .

Atrocious Desperado says:

i knew you was a lumber jack

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