DIY Soapbox Car

DIY Soapbox Car

Kevin’s soapbox car isn’t as fast as Andrew’s, but it looks nice.

What projects should we make next? Let us know in the comments!

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Glybirdy says:

Make an internationally syndicated TV show.

XieZex says:

You should build a plane in soapbox form

Mehar Gill says:

Motor boat please please

Jesse Hughes says:

turn an old fridge into a cooler

Joseph Mci says:

people underrate the push at the start

Liam O'Neill says:

make a DIY soapbox boat

SomeSortOfGames says:

I've watched these guys on youtube for a while and i only just recently started seeing them on the tv

Hannah Mitchell says:

you guys are awsome you sould make the ultumate go cart

Yolanda Carranza says:

use that jeep to make a go kart jeep

Epic Boss says:

make the ultimate tree house

Commondevintoo says:

Make a homemade motorcycle next

Matthew. Rizzi says:

You make awesome videos

Patrick Dromgold says:

motorised the soap box cars!!!

The golden brick says:

Make a can motar

AnanasManu says:

Make : The Ultimate Man tree house

Primož Doberšek says:

Now put a big ass motor on it!

JP RC says:

Make ones that go faster than 5mph maybe electric 24v D.C. Motor

James Beck says:

Build a towable bicycle camper!!!!!!!

Josh Bracken says:

Build a ultimate gaming setup on your floating hot tub

Ggwp 1918 says:

Repurpose pallets to make a tree house

Al Revés says:

Make a giant robot that shoots lasers through the eyes.

The Diamond Hunters says:

make them engine powered!

KaienSander10 says:

Now add a engine to it 🙂

Ninja Hacking/Glitching says:

I'd like to see a more in-depth look at this

Jack Moss says:

Ultimate ride on paintball shooter maybe use mobility scooter

Bob Smith says:

actual good fast soapbox cars!

ShatteredXs says:

you should have used ball bearings…

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