DIY Wood Stove made from Car Wheels! Easy Welding Project! Bacon! CATS!

DIY Wood Stove made from Car Wheels! Easy Welding Project! Bacon! CATS!

How to make your own wood stove cooker using a couple of old car rims. A really easy welding project if youve treated yourself to a new welder. When youve finished celebrate with Bacon and Scotch! With a CAT!
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Great invention, not too sure of the origins, the picture I saw came from Brazil. Ive added a adjustable spit roast to it that is also removable so you could get a huge pan on there!
Base is lined with the bottom of a propane tank, itll get hot but therell be no burning embers falling out of it 🙂
Guest appearance by Mr. Raggles, GQ have just voted him cat of the year!!! Seriously, your views help pay for cat food and vet bills, for that i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
For the ultimate workshop tool then i can recomend the chaos range of knives from Cold Steel!
DJMster Eggs, Bacon & Cheese –



John Coonradt jr.5 says:

Ben Levitt scotch the best , you know how to live

Agostinho Soares says:

juste profiter de la vie bonne rote a toi l ami

Erasmo Ruvalcaba says:

love it man

Gibril Jobe says:

i love the video, and as such i would like to help you improve it better, i suggest that you manage to let the top of the stove to have only one opening and not to let the fire to escape from the side holds, adding a covering on the top using a similar part from the bottom of a gas bottle as the one you gut under the stove but turning it up-side down and making a single hole in the center for the frying pan to sit on. This will concentrate the heat and making you use less fuel and cook faster. thanks this is just my contribution .

john traildust says:

Nice, dude!!! Hi from Russia!!!

Matt Miller says:

Skull crusher knife yet to boot! This guy's a gem.

dave oneil says:

U just need a better fryin pan. Some fryin pans r just shit

dave oneil says:

Check you out with your land, tools, materials and time

McMas says:

great video sir…..

Good Will says:

Ovako mi na Kosmetu pečemo roštilj kad nas Šiptari ne diraju

Donny Muskoka says:

Always great to see someone make something out of used steel…. very entertaining and insightful!….

James Reed says:

livin the dream ! thanks for posting. take care and be safe . cheers buddy !

Misty Groves says:

I loved this video. Thanks 🙂

Eulalio Tacuba says:

I like thank you to share your experience and invent

Luis Vazquez says:

that's the way life supposed to be

15017 HfX says:

Hey mate …If it ain't Alberta Springs sipping whiskey….well it just ain't whiskey. Good job on the stove though.

Miguel Reyes says:

Thank you great video

Ricki Perez says:

very nice a good way to survive. tnks for share the best old school ,

David Boyes says:

The best-looking bacon I have ever seen.

basilicauk says:

really enjoyed your video, thanks mate!

cow boy Raider says:


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الحارت الحارت says:

ممتاز احسنت

Les Doan says:

Good job fella. I'm going to make one

thoufi hakki says:

Nice man,,,
its vdo is very innovative and usefull for out catering.
thanks for this vdo frind..

1A Kochstudio says:

1 A TOP Video

Will V says:

I like this guy, he's down to earth and simple. Gotta love it! We could all learn something from him, he's enjoying life. What could be better than that?

Cheers mate !

The Man Behind The Mask says:

Scotch and bacon 🐖🥓🔥👍🏻

Richard Liu says:

Enjoy the life! Good for you!

Kenneth Booe says:

I liked it. impressed over your chair. cool. good job, from the US

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