Don’t Do These CAR MODS!!!

Don’t Do These CAR MODS!!!

I tried out Reddit today for the first time looking at sh*tty car mods. these are ricer mods and just over all bad mods that you should not do to your car. Lemme know what you guys think in the comments if you like this series.




giveaway video:

Rice or nice part 9:

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Andrew Bower says:

Sup Droopy?

michael cordell says:

Herpe lips 😂😂

Jeff Swanson says:

3:33 dumb and dumber?

Comps 0013 says:

Bumble bees ghettos cousin from the hood 😭😂💀

Matthew Taylor says:

Wtf at 8.00

Anal Leakage says:

Sounds like you might have herpes 🤥

Derikimi says:

10:45 if that thing gets in an accident we must pray that all those items dont hit someone.

PIggyDoesStuff says:

3:44 clean it with a vacuum

Holmes says:

Just sayin I'd drive the shit out of that Toyota hatch, can't tell if it's a yaris or a Corrola but either way it looks like a heap of fun


I've seen the wooden wing warrior on my way too work! Too funny! British Columbia canada here!

Earl Barnes says:

Damn WTF? These donk nightmares are all over Florida’s. The rims to these thing weight over 140 pounds give or take 10 pounds. And I’m starting to see more impalas and police intercepted cars. Hitting junk yards with busted transmissions , drive axles and transfer cases. Arrrgggg I hate dunk dumpster Mobil’s. 🤬🤬

Yo It's me, Dawg says:

The bigger the rims, the BiGgER the horsepower

Juice says:

Just realized Drew Peacock is pronounced DROOPY COCK.

Maybe Ok says:

9:36 is that a toyota Agya? (Im from Indonesia)

Sshy shy says:

lmfao bumblebees getto cousin

travis gipson says:

Everytime my arm and leg annoyingly get rain on them, im gonna thank god I dont have weather guards

Deforrest Copeland says:

Fender flares……..

Spotty Dillon2 says:

If you ain’t first your last-Ricky Bobby expect that Toyota never seen first.

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