Fake DIY Projects Exposed, and How a Real Generator Works

Fake DIY Projects Exposed, and How a Real Generator Works

Internet was supposed to bring knowledge to masses, not a deception stage to @$$e$!
At least let’s take the opportunity to understand how a real electronic generator should work.

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar



Kryoclasm says:

I want that Keysight cell phone charger!

rachajtle says:

gime the agilent. Hmmm, i think keysight will do as well.

kris winek says:

I need an oscilloscope plz

Genji Shimada says:

Gimme da keysight 🅱


2:15 This is where this silly s** came from! About 6 months ago some idiot was explaining this wrapping a phone in tin foil technology to me and he was totally convinced! 🙂

Meiling Leung says:

Dear Master Mehdi,
Thank you so much to make the magnetic field to be visible and practical to explain the generator concept. This is the most clear and simplest way I have ever seen! Well done! Many many thanks to explain those difficult concept in a simple way!
I hope I can explain difficult concept in a simple way like you to others with the oscilloscope you gave me, may I ? (I don't have a oscilloscope) That must be very exciting!
Best wishes and good luck to you and your families!
Many thanks again!

BaddestNightmare says:

Gimme Da Keysight !

Scott Kuzma says:

Gimme that Keysight…I know, I’m not that creative either.  Do your best, and good luck.

Stephan Edmond says:

gimme that keysight!

Jeremy Fielding says:

I hit like as soon as you said "I also get the juicy YouTube money". You are just spot on. I hate free energy videos the most! Excellent video.

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