Happy New Year!
I hope you enjoy my attempt at my first DIY mod of 2019. I wanted to make an aggressive looking bumper by adding some rear spats. Im a bit disappointed in how they came out. I need to re-do them. What do you think?

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Centaur Of Doom says:

Some impressive editing at the workshop scene. I wouldn't have wanted to mask that.

Also, lmao, "my fish is dead." jesus

Tac Squatch says:

LMFAO the fish part.

Stoned Guitarist says:

hahaha that fish… F

fillari88 says:

"f" in the chat for he fish

Xavier Flavor says:

Hey im curious bro? I have this car right same exact everything. And i wanted know if you know is it possible that maybe regardless of cost but do you think you can turbo this car? And get somewhere horsepower wise like 400 whp out of this engine? Like do you think thats possible? With this kind of car i thought it would
Be super cool to like have it tuboed and just walk an sti and also yah know have some regular reliable fun? What do you think. And for those who are gonna say you might as well just buy an sti i want to do it to this car if possible.

Xavier Flavor says:

Hey man what is your insta? And were are you located? Your videos have are great by the way.
Quality is def top notch a lot of effort put into it ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป. But hit me back with your insta and snapchat

what ever says:

came out good just call those the prototypes.

Milena Ramirez says:

Edits are always so good! Cool Mod!

NinjaxBart says:

Awesome mod to start off the year haha!

Luke Wright says:

Subbed for the dead fish RIP

Ryan says:

Happy New Year brother! Canโ€™t wait for the new content!

Manish Gharti says:

First intro was lit

Nick Fillari says:

dude, you logan pauled it

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