Headliner part 5, finale – RADIO ACTIVE W7 BUILD PART 1, new project! premiere – AMPLIFIED #693

Headliner part 5, finale – RADIO ACTIVE W7 BUILD PART 1, new project! premiere – AMPLIFIED #693

Today I finish my black suede headliner project on the F150 as fast as possible so that I can begin to rebuild my blown JL Audio 13W7 with a fresh new HIGH POWER AFTERMARKET SUBWOOFER RE-CONE KIT from FixMySpeaker.com.

SOUNDMAN ————– https://goo.gl/5Spv9g
CT SOUNDS ————— https://goo.gl/NWNQlC
MOBILE SOLUTIONS — https://goo.gl/iOqFBu
Xtreme Auto Sports —– https://goo.gl/GvzsWm

Thank you for watching AMPLIFIED #693

Tune in everyday for non stop comedy, DIY fabrication and vehicle customization from award winning car audio installer Doug Bernards, Inventor of the patented iPad dash kit available at SoundmanCA.com.



krazz619 says:

this video was awesome. excited to see this W7 project

Patriot Construction says:

We need more explosions!!!!!!!!

David Owens says:

Good job Doug! Didn’t know it was possible to repair a speaker! So thanks for that!

juggernautxtr says:

can't wait for that 150 to come through recon so i can wholesale that pile.

Geoffrey Stephens says:

Damn! I'm enjoying the video and BAM! It's over. I'm anxious to see that sub thump.

Hobbyandtech says:

I hate to ask but where are the amps I won 1 month ? Please m contact me #soundmanca

Carlos Carmona says:

its gonna twist now

Jason Hardison says:

Lovin the till tuesday music clipπŸ’Ž

Edbug 007 says:

Two projects in one episode WTF!!! Where the fuck is Doug and what have you done with him.

way2high garage says:

Hi Doug. I watch every show. Do more work so the vids are longer. I like show. gofucurself. WHaThappen?

Bob808 says:

DUDE… suede wrap the woofer basket! πŸ˜€

Robert Marley says:

Everyday episodes 😠😠😠

Dave Busink says:

Everyone hears about the short and curly. But for Doug. He gets those long and curly ones lol

PHATPHUCK102081 says:

Why do I feel 5 episodes of Doug bodyworkin that W7 basket coming up?

Not the father says:

Doug!!!! Did you spray the BASKET with glow in the dark spray paint?? Do they even sell spray paint like that? Anyway if you did it would be SICK if you put a BLACK LIGHT in the BOX with it.wait the pressure might explode the light bulb.Well you could put the light out side the box to get that glow..EATHER WAY IT MUST BE DONE

TheCanadianBubba says:

Hope that kit works out for ya… awesome result on the headliner and bits !

kastoremaru says:

Awesome episode! Learning and enjoying!

bigvell02 says:

Yes Sir. Rage music, Explosions and dope modifications. Oh and thank you much! You inspired me to install a iPad into my dash a while back now you got me wanting to use suede to wrap my doors after I build some pods. Dope episode BTW and I'm with ya bro coils come apart when you turn the volume down πŸ˜‰

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