How to Build a Car Custom Center Console Armrest Storage Box MDF Designs for a car ✔ MMD

How to Build a Car Custom Center Console Armrest Storage Box MDF Designs for a car ✔ MMD

Can you subscribe? I would be like it. How to build your own car armrest center console with a good and nice finish edge plexiglass led light. How to Make a Car Create a Car custom center console armrest storage box designs for a car ✔ MMD car audio fabrications mdf in this install video I’ll show you learn how to build car center console armrest how to make your own budget car console auto center console armrest How to make a car armrest custom auto interiors how to build a midd console custom console build center auto console armrest build for a car / trucks creative console how to build an center console for a car how to build auto middenconsole diy car armrest making, how to create a armrest repair custom auto middle console cars interior console for a car custom car tuning vw golf console armrest diy car interior modifications new style armrest how to get more lights in your car arm resting ไฟ led รถ I build a new Auto Interior Designs car armrest consoles design for my vw golf II custom car console armrest with 12v led lights installation interior material MDF wood and on the top synthetic leather, inside is a storage box i use a car door switch for the light inside on/off , in the side from armrest i make the Kenwood remote control rc 700 for the car radio midden console mobil kustom
car handbrake handle space in the front with a switch for turn the car radio on/off , ir led in the front from remote control
Matt black paint with a wear-resistant varnish layer
in the middle clear edge plexiglass led light blue design
under the armrest top magnetic closure for a good lock
console armrest storage box fits Vw Golf 2 Easy auto upgrades how to upgrade your car interior goods luxury

Saya ingin membuat anggaran mobil barang interior

maybe this simple custom car center console armrest will give u ideas inspirational car audio console middle armrest for how to build your own armrest in car or truck interior
Full diy build video from begin till end



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Universal Car Arm Rest Hand Rest Console Box Installation volkswagen golf wagen

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How to make a good arm rest with nice finish


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Victor B says:

If those wires and screws were hidden or covered this would look 100% authentic as if it were factory standard, that's the only thing that differentiates it between DIY and professionally built. Great work overall though.

Nicholas Gohansen says:

i like it that vip

David LaRue says:

Really cool console, but the Focals in the doors are freakin' awesome!

Decxterous says:

Will those back adjustment wheels not hit the back of the armrest when you bring the seat forward ?

Evans Simeonoglou says:

excellent work !!!

marian 118 says:

very good work

S P says:

how do you fix it to the floor? Screwed to floor?

Sequoia Bass says:

this is crazy awesome!!! def inspired me to build my own console!!

Mohammad Hamad says:

Its very clean and a job well done …

MyCatInABox says:

Wow… that really turned out good…

Chris Brown says:

Awesome job on the console, did things I wouldn't even think of. Inspired me to build myself a custom center console for my 95 Nissan 200sx. Can't wait to finish.

Tiago D says:

You should put a subwoofer in it, very nice armrest!

Maxfrint says:

Poderia ter feito um parte mais baixa no lado do passageiro que coubesse a mão, facilitaria na hora de puxar o freio de mão.

Randy Gonzalez says:

your seats looking great

maat atchoumoulou says:

Where is the hand brake handle at the end of the video?

Salman Alhabbas says:

4:37 it's like ship 😂😁

Mohamed Medhat says:

is there a video showing how to connect the wires(of the light) to the car? thank you

persona says:

That's what I call "It seems easy on the video but I wouldn't get even close this result if I try it at home".

Andres Martinez says:

The 6 rings makes this video 😊

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