How to Have Insanely Nice Car Interior FOR CHEAP!

How to Have Insanely Nice Car Interior FOR CHEAP!

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For this video we walkthrough the in depth the steps I took in order to convert my not so pleasant brown Acura Integra Project interior and make it into a classy and comfortable ride. We first focused on ordering everything we could online that was OEM and not too pricy, then moved onto painting everything else ourselves from brown to black, and then adding on our flocked dash and so much more. You will save on the money but add on the time. I show you how to have a classy interior for cheap, now go out there and do it! Thanks for watching! Currently working on the engine swap, so see you guys soon!

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ThatDudeinBlue says:

Have you guys ever done car interior work?

RayTheKiller says:

Picked up a 95 integra and had so many set backs and watching this video make me appreciate and fall for my car again!


Why do you look and sound like mr.beast and linus tech tips had a baby

Calven SK says:

Put that 2jzgte doe

PaperMind says:

Tom Segura, Dave Chapelle, Bill Burr, pretty basic but yeah

MJL says:

Would be better if rear seats and dashboard was pu leather

John Fernandez says:

Pls teach me how to drive manual πŸ₯ΊπŸ™πŸ½

Greg Castillo says:

Dave Chappelle all day

Jose Alvarez says:

John Mulaney

Joan Jacobo says:

Eddie Griffin or George lopez are badass stand up

Dylan J Hardaker says:

Stand up comedian: Kevin bridges

Jared Pensado says:

Can somebody tell me, what kind of store i can find the suede or flock

Imagine Wagons says:

don't change the seatbelts they look like a cool small touch

Deadshot says:

Josh wolf is easily the best comedian

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