HOW TO: Remove Simple Door DINGS & DENTS for DIY’ers

HOW TO: Remove Simple Door DINGS & DENTS for DIY’ers

See BELOW The List of TOOLS used to make this video:

Hello Everyone, SWEET PROJECT CARS here with cool, trick and affordable ways to do things for the DIYER’S OF THE UNIVERSE!


Super PDR Puller

Slide Hammer Kit

Rubbing Alcohol

Spray Bottles

All Purpose Towels

Micro-Fiber Towels

Plastic Razor Blades

Glue Sticks

Glue Gun

Knock Down Tool

Ball Peen Hammer

Mothers Carnauba Clnr Wax

Pull Tabs


This VERY IN-DEPTH video is here to show you the easiest and most affordable methods to do most things on your car. Here We show you how to remove dents and dings in your car, affordably !

Pulling Dents and Dings is called PDR (PAINTLESS DENT REMOVAL). Looking at dents in your car or truck can really be frustrating especially if you don’t have the money to pay someone to remove them!

Here we give you the tricks and the tools needed on how to remove those pesky dents and dings, we show you how to do it safely with no damage to your paint.

SO, LET”S Get To It 🙂



Sweet Project Cars says:

HELLO FOLKS, You can see the FIRST VIDEO here >>>> also you can buy a DENT pulling kit on eBay or Amazon or walmart they pretty much have all the PDR stuff you will need cheap…now go pull some dents.. 🙂

Chris Padilla says:

Need to update the link with a new recommendation for a slide hammer kit.

Thomas Storm says:

I was a chips away agent i guess. I had figured out all the chems at the time I was doing it as I was in the body shop and used thae paint line. I have since had a brain fart and forget it all but how to do it.

Thomas Storm says:

dont want to repete a question but dont want to read 300 posts. do you use a sertian type of hot glue or ?

David K says:

Merry Christmas

JUAN Rodriguez says:

Thanks for the instructions how to fix a dent. Will consider doing it on my car. And for friends as soon as I get the hang of it. How much is the cost of removing a dent?

jim blime says:

Nicely done!

Peter Crutchley says:

Great advice – many thanks!

Colin Draper says:

Jokes are the icing on the cake !! Lol

Akash Bhardwaj says:

All of your videos are so helpful! Keep up the good work!

I feel like there should be a video where you take a really old junked up car and turn it into something new-looking that basically combines all your videos techniques together. That would be a fun video or series to watch!

Latesha Leslie says:

I dent my front right door panel its a little space between where the bumper and door meet will this fix my baby?

Gomez561 says:

Think I can fix my car's door dings like this… I know it takes a lot of skill to do major paint-less dent repair

Aaron G says:

What is a good starter kit to learn with ? I own a auto detailing shop and wanna get into this since it plays into what we already do

Ian Harwin says:

The link to the slide hammer is for a different one than you use in the video. Where can we get the one you have in the video?

Ian Harwin says:

Is that regular hot glue?

M H says:

As always, great video!!!

tougefreak s says:

it seems like the slide hammer you use is different than the one on amazon is your 10lb verison?

Skankhunt 42 says:

Thank you for sharing such valuable knowledge!

Top Tunes says:

Do the glue pads need to be as closely as possible the same size of the dent itself ?

Experience With Me says:

Lmao that random joke

Doyle Redwine says:

Wow, great vid! many thanks for your help

David K says:

You said after you knock this one down here at the end of the video that there was just a slight tiny little dimple in it did you leave it that way or did you end up pulling it again?

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