Make ANY Car Look Better – Cheap and Easy Car Mods marty

Make ANY Car Look Better – Cheap and Easy Car Mods marty

Marty Mighty Car mods! Car Mods to Do First for Beginners for Cheap and Easy! Honda civic, Subaru and other Cheap Car project Modifications you can do yourself at Home on a Budget! Mighty Car Mods!

I Usually Don’t do these type of videos but here it goes….

Top cheap and easy cars modification you can do on any car for very cheap! so if you are on a budget use these tip and tricks to make your car look newer, more expensive and increase the value of your car on budgets! ll items are a cheap and easy way to modify your car at home, save money! no need to change your exact system to make your car sound better! the detail you car int his easy and affordable way! also, chek out our other video that has the best car gadgets and accessories on budgets for a cheap and easy way to make your life much easier! These mods areas also great for beginners who are just starting out and want to know how to make their car look better then it is right now! better than the base model! make your car look better, make your car look more expensive and attractive! tint your car windows for cheap at home so you can also have black windows for cheap! great affordable ways!

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ricer starter pack

Christian Pepe says:

your g35 imo doesn't look good at all

Golden 47 says:

Are you from India?

You have Indian accent

kingkongsfingers says:

learn fucking english you stupid indian

JDR 235 says:

The g35 already looks good

MaximaJ31 says:

Gosh… this guy making car videos but know nothing about cars…

VIVID says:

You might not know it but you my friend are what is called a ricer!!

Jose Pina says:

Ima try that thing were he put a nut In between lol. Just to see what It sounds like. If you have a 2003-2007 Honda Accord EX V6 Coupe I will keep you updated and possibly post a video up on here In case you want to see the sound

samar dhillon says:

Dhillon ne kala coat koa paya?

Matt Pilkington says:

Caliper covers xD


change the title to how to be a ricer

phreeesubz says:

Honestly, that car was looking good already.

The White Blue Gr says:

this video need a New name " How to be a Ricer "

Manideep Yadav says:

does silencer modification make car use more fuel?

Elevated Media says:

Another mod is to wash yo car before making a vid😷😷

Junior Velasquez says:

Hahaha the exhaust part πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

Parvey Johal says:

Dhillon on da muda

Parvey Johal says:

Ahh dhillon jatt

Joakim Zentoro says:

Slap a turbo first and then do the budget mods

Reyes Gamer says:

Where's the gtr?

Shanil Singh says:

Good suggestion for the low budgeters i must say. Though all the crack heads here have heavy pockets. Their comments are just making themselves look like fools – so keep it up, good video, aswell for the people that doesnt know where to start.

Flamin Gamin says:

This is a video for a ricer🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚

XBA saint says:

wow you are a ricer.

Karthik Pradeep says:

how to rice ur car 101

Cho Bitchass says:

Are you from Saskatoon hahahaha

Mohamed Naufal says:

Such a rice

Major Talwinder Singh Sandhu says:

nice and effective modifications dhillon saab.. specially the shiny khanda .. it looks legit outstanding..!!

r perez says:


Johnlim Male says:

brembo fake brake cover.. wow.. thats so fake lol

Adrian Trujillo says:

How to rice 101

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