Making a Car Subwoofer Box

Making a Car Subwoofer Box

Making Car Subwoofer

Test music:
Free Rap Instrumental – Get Lost



Fun Vid Box says:


Kumkrong Sangthong says:

Can I know all detail of it?
I want to have one for behind my car seat.
Thank You.

Felix Ramirez says:

He made that look super easy. Awesome vid.👍👍

Emthesage EMM says:

beautiful work perfect sound

Abhishek Kumar says:

What is the cloth name that you covered the wooden box with?

the 3 king says:

you cool man



Drezilla Nelson says:

Great vid very clean 👍

Subrno Biswas says:

Yes man u r the best one.. You tell each and every thing no matters is easy or hard but u tell every thing hats off u

Zephaniah Stokes says:

how much do all your supplies cast. do you have a budget

Vic Hidam Hungama says:

ꯍꯣꯢ ꯔꯣꯡꯅꯤ

Piyush Singla says:

really nicee..

Midhun Mohan says:

Oh boy! What a clean build.

Henri Kivistik says:

You need to put wool in to the subwoofer then the sound and music is more guality

silvanir paulo Cavalcante says:

Esse é profissional

Reborn BMW says:

Not bad at all, the product a really bad but the job really nice!!

Севада Кургинян says:

where tightness?

Loony Linn says:

this is the first time i see building speaker box without using wood screws.👍

satnam singh says:

NYC nd normail sound

Matt B says:

1:27 Nearly lost your finger 😀 😀

aman kumar says:

Could you please make a drone

cristian abraham serrano gonzalez says:

what are the measures

greetings from Chile

Max Loy says:

What are the dominions

Georgescu Nicolae says:

Big big like 👍

FuLL Bass BoosTed says:

Bu İşi EmeĞiyLe Yapiyo HeLaL OlsuN🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

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