MK3 Project Car Walk Around ~ Video 1

MK3 Project Car Walk Around ~ Video 1

My newest project car is this 1998 MK3 VR6 Volkswagen GTI. This is a quick walk around video showing some of the good things and some of the GTI problems. Follow allow this video series and see how I turn this GTI back into the car it once was.

Show Resources
VR6 engine Explained ~
VR6 coolant flange review ~
VR6 coolant flange from Eurowise ~

Join me today as we break down (hopefully not break)
Engine code
GTI issues under the hood
Concerns about the interior
Issues with paint on roof
Under car concerns
The best part about the car
Upcoming DIY MK3 DIY videos
and more

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Rudy Taylor says:

Hey Charles, I REALLY NEED SOME HELP ON MY GTI VR6 GOLF, I am a subscriber to your channel and I have a problem with my 1996 GTI VR6 Golf ( my restoration project) I owed it for some time and love it. My problem is I do not drive as much and so the battery has to be charged every once in a while. Now I am unable to start It. Battery is fully charged, gas pump is good, we do have gas pumping to the fuel rail, engine does turnover as normal but will not start. We scanned for codes and got P1500, we also found low spark or yellow spark by the coil pack, we also found no  negative signal from ECM to the (FPR) fuel pump relay. I got a replacement ECM same numbers but it does the same. If I give it the negative the fuel pump works but still no start. WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET IT TO START?

Parker Whitley says:

Can you do a clutch replacement


Hey Charles! I had a question, I just picked up a 96 GTI and I was wondering if you knew where I could find a replacement for the rear license plate holder assembly on the hatch and possibly even the front grill? it has a broken up base 3 bar golf grill right now

Jeremy Smith says:

Hey Charles I recently bought a 98 Jetta VR6 and I love it. Also bought a 2001 Jetta 2.0 for my son. The VR6 parking brake doesn't work because the cables are frozen, I think, so that will be a great video for me and it seems the shift linkage (5 speed) is loose so maybe a vid on that would be useful as well…I have a JEEP and Cummins diesel background so I am spreading my wings a little on the Volkswagen thing and I just found your channel and subscribed and will be looking forward to watching and learning from you as much as I can thanks for the great info!

Zoltan Benedek says:

Did you know that in Europe the 2.8 VR6 was once available in a Mercedes Benz Vito?

slotec says:

funny in europe you had either a gti wich cames with different engine types or a vr6 wich was its own model

Chris Cook says:

Getting ready to do a coolent flange change myself would love to see a video on that

AnHRTBus says:

you know, for that dash I would get a laser measured insert. protect that stock dash which looks pretty good still, and reduce glare off the dash during direct sunlight conditions.
just gotta vacuum it like the floor every once in a while. and I'd recommend a lint brush for in between

Chad Premo says:

What i wanna see is electrical issue's or rear end replacement from drum to disk. I tried to conquer that and it was not good…

NickClashez says:

I purchased a well maintained 96 gti vr6 96 golf and have a $1000.00 to spend in power mods what should I do

scooter98144 says:

Some great info and very helpful. I own a 1995 supercharged VR6 I am working on restoring and getting past the 300HP base mark it has been at for years. I really liked the one you did on how to pull the head. I thought you had to pull the trans to get the head off. Keep up the good work and if you want to see my little red rocket message me.

Lex Skinner says:

I have an 05 Vw Jetta it's a great car I've had it for a couple years now been driving it for about 1 to 2 years but I'm noticing that my Motor oil is disappearing it's not burning it and it's not draining into the coolant system I've had them both checked and it just recently passed inspection I have to put about a quarter to a quart and a half in it every 1 to 2 months any idea what is going on? It's a great car but I fear this might be what caused it to die if you wish to reach me by email it

mark alexander says:

Hey Charles really looking forward to your diy videos been trying to find a guide on how todo my e brake cables nobody has one up here that I can find , would really Appreciate it if you could do one thank you!!!!! Got a 97 mk3 gti vr6

Jeff Hebert says:

That's a super cool t shirt brother . …enjoying the channel . ..thanks .

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