Modifying Mum’s Car

Modifying Mum’s Car

Our Mum’s raced their cars at Sydney Dragway. Marty’s Mum’s engine then blew up so we replaced it with an EJ20 WRX Engine from a half cut of unknown origins. Inevitably, that engine blew up also, so on this episode of Mighty Car Mods, we’re going to work out why – and then fix it!


Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we’ve gone about it, but we can’t promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won’t harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you’re doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you’ve seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt.



David Tillyer says:

Benny at 13:27 hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Vert344 says:

O__O I've loved those Subies… One of the few Subies i'd like to own. xD

Fairing Solutions says:

Ratchet straps for removing engines is best, can adjust the level that way also.

William Venn says:

LOL @ 13:27… !

aaron bishop says:

I fucking love their lowkey sexual references. They make my day hahahaha.

T S says:

Thank you for spelling mum correctly πŸ˜‰

Joshua Jacobs says:

13:25 Benny is done with the boys' shit

Al3x Boam says:

When I lived in Sydney, I've bought this 1982 falcon that u could see that had a hard life, paid 800 dollars on year 2000… Done deal on my way from Sydney to surfers paradise, some time after changed the oil and I noticed a very strong gear box oil smell, said to myself weird… Was the only way they managed to make the engine to run noiseless.😜😜… Nice tip. Take care love the show, keep it real

Blayney1989 says:

What happened to Benny's shorts at 15:54 ?

PileOfSchmidt says:

Wow. I'm just about to start my 04 WRX wagon for the first time after rebuilding it for a year. It's pretty much bone stock but had a spun bearing just like this one (and also a mishimoto radiator like this one too funny enough). This series would have been so great for me a year ago, but you guys just had to make me learn everything the hard way! I tore everything down on it and rebuilt it all new from the bearings, rings, and rod bolts to replacing all of my valve buckets to get a factory spec valve gap. I slapped on a Killer B oil pan, pickup, and baffle plus a new oil pump and oil cooler to clean it all up. Since then I've replaced the whole timing belt and cam pulleys. idler pulleys, water pump,all of the gaskets everywhere, all of the dry or damaged hoses, and any bolts that were sketchy. The uppipe on the ej205 has a catalytic converter inside that was super rattly and gross so I replaced it with a catless invidia pipe and removed the egt sensor that comes stock. I didn't want any junk falling apart directly into the turbo. I wired in a resistor to stop any CEL's for that too. After looking at the clutch and flywheel they were so burnt up and the car drove horribly before we took it apart. I ended up replacing the cheap lightweight flywheel and clutch with a stock flywheel and clutch kit. My goal with this project was to just build the dream street car that could be reliable and fun to drive in all conditions. I've tried to keep everything new and stock as well as unmodified all of the horrible junk that people have mistreated this poor car with. I gotta say, if you have the opportunity to do a rebuild, do it. It will be so much more money and time into it than you think but the experience of working hands on and memorizing all of the diagrams and parts is so satisfying and worthwhile. If I could give any advice to someone attempting this project, it would be to label all of your hoses and connecting parts before you take them off, take the time to clean and invest in a proper torque wrench, and to consider just buying a half cut so you have ALL of the parts ready to go. It's one hell of a puzzle to figure out, but it's actually designed quite intuitively and makes sense!

Michael Lauter says:

Benny's reply "It would be out by now"

atish chandra says:

That will be cool to watch mums powered up

Thot Thot says:

I want to sit on Benny’s beard

Apexseals says:

how is it that people seem to kill those motors, my 04 wrx with 181k miles(just over 291k km) is still goin strong. with track days n everything too.

essnz says:


F A T C A T says:

12:45… ?

H0ld 0N

bryce peacock says:

I broke my Subaru liberty gearbox drifting in the paddock or I broke a cv ?

StacheCam says:

One day they will get a bmw and hopefully it's a e34

Jaedon Haskins says:

Well shit. My forester has a spin bearing apparently. I just thought ejs were clacky engines.

Kiley Staats says:

EZ30R, beat on, 130k, engine never out. Lol. What now?

Matthew McKibben says:

14:01 porno sound track for sure… lol

Taylor Timms says:

Mighty Subaru maintenance

Mario Perez II says:

Same thing happened to my '03 Impreza with the stock 2.5. The guy I got it from was a bit shady, but $600 for a Impreza with a fairly new trans and a blown engine isn't too bad here in the states.

Coles says:

is that the same guy from the snapchat ads "Nothing i did or learnt during the HSC period ive ever used" (or something like that)

Pauly Lewis says:

the Mums car battle needsto happen

jukebox symposium says:

legal in Canada today(yesterday)

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