NEVER ! Replace a Wiper Blade AGAIN !!! Amazing :)

NEVER ! Replace a Wiper Blade  AGAIN !!!  Amazing :)

Hello Everyone Sweet Project Cars Here With Trick And Affordable Ways To Do Things For The DIY’er.

This short but powerful video will give you step by step instruction on how to condition your new wiper blades so they last.

NOW! You can buy the really good blades and have them last a life time and have the clearest windshield you have ever had.

Here We Show You How To Condition Your Windshield wiper blades So You Will Never Have To Replace Them Again.

This includes your back glass wiper blade as well….

This Method Is Easy To Do And Will Save You Many Dollars Over The Lifetime Of Your Car. Not Only Will You Not Have To Replace Your Blades again but you will save money and time and have clear glass all the time !. SO LETS GIT ER DUN !



Trish Pipkins says:

This is really erie! I JUST asked my husband this morning if he thought you may have an idea on how to make wiper blades last because we need to replace ours. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Hahaha!!!

MrWackenhut says:

Won't 303 wash off after a couple of rain showers?

Seeker of Truth says:

Was the two squirts on the blades at the end of the video also using the aeorspace protectant? Or was it just a glass cleaner?

SEO Profits Pro says:

Dang this stuff would be good for weather or sun cracking on tires too I bet, Have you guys tired it on tires , or rag tops for convertibles cars?

Michael Flora says:

Love the great tips and super money saving ways that you are helping people stretch their dollars. Also….has anyone ever said your voice sounds just like Al Franken? It does honestly.

Kevlar Canuck says:

Would something like Armour All or it's equivalent in "tire-shine" work as well? Is it even similar to 303 or will there be undesirable side effects?

Jeff Herron says:

Mind blowing

Rob MD says:

You really should be sponsored by the makers of 303. The only thing I would add to your video is this needs to be done with new blades or next new ones. It won't restore old blades new, but rather prolong the life of the rubber.

Sam Val says:

About 4 decades ago I tried spraying my wiper blades with silicone spray. Big mistake! It smeared all over the windshield and made it very difficult to see out the glass. Lucky for me steel wool and Comet cleanser removed it – but that taught me to never try a silicone-based protectant on my wiper blades. This 303 Aerospace stuff looks promising to do this task. As the 303 is water-based, I am pretty sure I won't have the smear problem that I had with the silicone.

I just discovered your channel and you post great usable ideas! Thank you for the video(s)!

Mark G. says:

Who needs a mechanic when we have you? Thanks for all you do for us.

802 Garage says:

I don't even need to watch to know this is all about the 303 Aerospace rubber conditioner. XD

Halsey Marcoux says:


Drake DrakeR says:


ff2b says:

Does 303 leave a haze on the windshield or take a fair amount of scrubbing to get off after doing the twice a year touch up?

Sal Gonzalez says:

Is 303 something I can purchase at Lowes? Would it be labeled as just 303 ?

Chyan Sie says:

You've saved me tons of money sir!

GaryKari says:

uhh… If I buy 4 blades on my 2 cars once a year, I think my economy can deal with it…

Dustin Pomeroy says:

Dude you guys are all about a Lil work to not have to do shit for a long time,that's my style I love it,keep the tips coming

Ariel Milka says:

This is a very nice trick. Thankyou my sweet project.

drbahb1 says:

Thank you for this tip. Love your channel. Keep up the good work; your advice is valued.

Sayit AsItIs says:

I use this Aerospace 303 on my RIB (dinghy) tubes and it extends their life almost forever. Think how much you pay for your RIB and then work out the savings. There is no silicone in this product so you can still patch the tubes if you hit something and get a leak. Good video though as I Never thought to use them on my wipers or my engine belts. Keep up the good stuff.

ekim nnim says:

All right!! Now I can save by using 303, on my Trojans and not buy other rubber again.

DimQa Dmitrij says:

You are amazing guys 😉 Thank you very much.

Posh panda says:

Is that protect thing for free? Never have to replace again after a testing period of 3 weeks.

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