New Project Car!!

New Project Car!!

It’s been a long search, but I think we found the one!

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Sansman X says:

I hate deals here in Utah, I should buy a new car out of the state, anything manual and RWD is very expensive in here.

YVR Cars says:

Where's missile Miata when you need him

RageAgainstTheToyMachine says:

anybody else get a 3 minute ad about japan filmed in 4k, shit was beautiful so I watched the whole thing to support taylor as I know he'd like to go back there sometime soon.

Alan Siqueira says:

I wanna buy a "ARE YOU A VLOGGER BRO" T-shirt

Mario Manriquez says:

Saw a 350 so i liked 🙂

Mike Le says:

shoulda invited orion make it a party lol

Chris Aranega says:

What sunglasses does Taylor wear?

CJDA9GTP says:

Bah I luv the Z!

Six speed J says:

Wooooo nice man

Waffeey says:

Translation: F off xD love you taylor

Aaron Ryder says:

You’re stoked? Not as stoked as missile though…

Arctic GrapeJuice says:

Missile Miata is stoked

Hesx says:

someone please make his car in assetto

Enrique Rodriguez says:

What’s with the “orions track” joke? Explain please

Gilberto Mendoza says:

Great purchase

Nimbus says:

your videos are good, keep making them.

Chris Bowker says:

That's insane!!! Deal of the year

David Novak says:

Theats a good price for a Nissan 350Z, in Slovenia if you get one for 6000€ you gote very lucky.

Jesus Juice Official says:

dude he got such a good deal on it

Aidan Parker says:

Should of got an HR but I'm so stoked you got a 350z!

noahhh111 says:

guy with the yoot shreds

Ruthless Squad says:

It’s not an hr tho

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