Old School Car Audio Bookshelf Speakers? DIY Audiophile Project

Old School Car Audio Bookshelf Speakers? DIY Audiophile Project

Mid 1990’s Rockford Fosgate AUDIOphile speakers are not easy to come by these days…Well, I have a nice set of RFA-414 components and recently decided to use them in an Old School Boombox project. While deciding how I was going enclose the RFA-44 mids, I came across an old bookshelf speaker cabinet and thought this may be the perfect enclosure for the component system….turns out I was right!

See the entire build process as well as a demo of the ending product. I’m happy with the sound and can’t wait to integrate these into the boombox. More details coming on the subwoofer and the remainder of that project in the near future.


Extended article on OldSchoolStereo.com below:


Music by BigDWiz and some Public Domain tracks by Frank Nora http://mcs.franknora.com



Long Duck Dong says:

really sucks that car audio and electronics magazine doesn't put out any magazines anymore…

Momma Mia says:

Greatest demo soundtrack ever!

Tim Lewis says:

I have some old motorola speakers in 0.25 cubic foot boxes tuned to 100Hz. Fantastically punchy, although I don't like the sound of the speakers due to the single capacitor crossover putting too much shrill upper midrange in the tweeters. I have been planning to modify the filter.

Tavarie Sewell says:

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Sportscars_BE says:

you should get a better amplifier, these little car amps are really cheap and not the best.

Fuskers says:

before car audio was crappy bass audio

weasel2htm says:

Good news, the "UNIVERSAL" on the back of the speakers is a different logo than Universal Studios. I once bought a telephone at Dollar General with the exact same logo. I know this is an old video, but it's still really awesome.

Nukes Away says:

I have a nice set of MB Quart  's and i'm going to hook them up to an old Alpine stereo ready to be put together. Even have a 25 amp atx power supply. All ready since 2009! Gotta get my ass in gear. But lately those little lepai amps have made it easier took hook up 4 ohm speakers. Piezo tweeters? That guy is on crack!

garbagemanify says:

junk piezo tweeters….

Ryan Moore says:

Good job,they look great…from what the Mic let through it sounds great…

Matthew19002 says:

that's a really nice build, to me if you can make something look factory or better then youre golden lol, those are something id like to have and id possibly consider them as studio monitors, I had a couple of projects that nowhere got near being on youtube but maybe they should be, I matched up 6" woofers with 2" fullranges to be used as woofers and tweeters, I even modded the 2inches and raised the precision of the clarity at an audible rate, and the woofers were from coaxials but the woofers were cloth surround, fiberglass& paper cone, aluminum 1" voice coils, and maybe 10oz magnets, rated 130Hz- original tweeters 23KHz, the fullranges I was going to use 20KHz, my full ranges have rubber surrounds and paper cones, but I crome dustcaped everything and the effeciencies level up even though the fullranges are 4ohm but with like hopefully an 8K crossover that wont be an issue.

Logan Wild says:

I have that same DAC

BigDWiz says:

It's the little Lepai LP-2020A+ Class T mini amp. They are available for around 20 dollars US on Amazon.

Jermaine Crutchfield says:

What kind of amplifier is that?

EasyBoffes says:

i like ur voice

David Bryant says:

You gotta finish the old school boom box man, I got an old pelican case from the service and I wanna see how yours turns out! Thanks for all the great info on all your vid's btw!

theinfedel says:

i just took my old radioshak speakers tweeters and 6.5" woofer and put 3" t44 bullett tweeters300w
and 6.5" pyle pro 400w midbass driver's in them
kinda a micro pa project mini dj speakers

Joseph Wright says:

Hey BigD I just picked up a Pioneer TS-W301C at the Goodwill yesterday, $19.99. I would like to know what year did this sub come out and if you have any specs for it.

AbadonedMind says:

Audiophile? Dude..

pigeonxiong says:

@bigdwiz do u remember which link u got that song out of? would really help so i don't have to listen to all of them to find one song. thnx

ProTruck87 says:

Nice work Big D.

WorldsDeepestBass says:

you sir are awesome and a true inspiration 🙂 keep up the great work!

mrchrisk36 says:

Very nice project sounds good to just what I'd expect from them very nice!!

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