Porsche Cayman Mods: DIY Front Mesh Grill |Protect your Car!|

Porsche Cayman Mods: DIY Front Mesh Grill |Protect your Car!|

This video will show you how to make a custom grill for you Porsche Cayman 987. This a cheap and effective way to protect your car’s radiator without breaking the bank. You don’t have to remove the bumper to install this grill and it cost less than $15.
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Salvador Parada says:

looks so good!

John S says:

Nice one 👍
Could not believe how much crap was down my vents in front of the radiators when I had a proper look once I had bought my Cayman

Enough to fill a small bucket!

A lot wetter in the uk so was all mulched up black leaves…. nasty

I’m going to do this once I’ve cleaned it out again

Thanks man 👍

Daivd Wang says:

lol! I love your BMW neighbors.

David R says:

Bumper removal isn't that hard. And if it has never been removed you may have all kinds of trash around the radiators. That being said, novel approach.

Richard Simmons says:

It takes about half an hour to remove the bumper and you will have to clean out the old leaves
SO TAKE OF THE BUMPER – its easy – Jut two difficult philips head screws behind the wheel cover are difficult

eenonly says:

I love your vid so much

Marlyn Mendez says:

What's the name of that mesh? Or what brand.. is it like a gutter guard?

onap onap says:

Next video on how to modify your dog?

Tall Englishman says:

Another great video. Nice one!

BestOfTheBest says:

4.40 was drinking too much

Marty Wild says:

Did you replace the fog light assemblies at some point? Yours look brand new, mine look really tired.

Michael987S says:

Cool shortcut but you need to pull the front bumper off at least once a year to get the crud out! You will ruin the radiators and condenser front the debris decay and cause massive corrosion

Kashif Videos says:

its aluminum net avilabale at hardware store??

etc etc says:

Great idea and nice video, question – how do you snake the zip ties through the mesh? The angles are so tight and you cannot get your hand on the other side to guide it through the holes on the return

Patricia Hernandez says:

your pretty talented doc!! good job!!

Marc Houde says:

Dude…believe it or not…I just did this exact mod with plastic rain gutter mesh from Home Depot…but I chose to remove the bumper because I had lots of time…then I put the front end back together and went for a test drive to be sure everything was secure and this happened… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV45DNW4tKI .  Destroyed my front bumper and all the work I just finished.  Oh well….life happens.  Good video!

Joe Zavoli says:

LOL the cone of shame… sorry to hear about the puppers but the cone always makes me laugh! Hope he gets better!

Mr Random Reviews says:

nice video bro had me entertained the whole way glad ur dog is better too👍

ThrobbNation says:

Very nice mod and demo! Definitely a good idea to keep junk out. Looks like one of your neighbors had a good night (and a bad morning)!! Poor garage door! Keep up the good videos man!!

World Mechanics says:

Awesome bro, love the idea and great advice as well!

Chrisfinegan says:

Yo man do a gt3 conversion bumper, what's your Instagram

MotorScotti says:

Simple and effective way to protect your radiators. Well done! Good on you on giving some recommendations at the end of the video.

Behind the Wheel says:

Nice video!

Iamdanimal says:

I love this video bro. You did really good

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