Project Car Goals for 2018

Project Car Goals for 2018

let us discuss and also fix broken things

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Seth Bushnell says:

You are freaking amazing my dude. Loving the fantastic example for people that struggle with mental health.

wharping says:

Tbh bruh this video changed alotta things for me mann, i go through depression and i allways tend to be looking down on things. This isnt the first video i seen of yours but i never new you went through that stuff cause u allways so hype and happy about wat you doing watching this video has helped me realise that i need to find something i love, something to keep me focused. I dont know if you gonna see this but thank you man, im sure im not speaking on jus myself wen i say this but you are a truely an inspirational person.

InfernooEagles says:

You should go and shave Calvin's head because he didn't do what he promised what he would do and you should just go into TJ'S warehouse and buzz his head because he promised us he would and he hasn't

Aj Garcia says:

Try not to copy tj in 2018 please.

LowFD3S says:

I got one for the list learn to drift before building a drift car

Nultic says:

Bro, one of the realest YouTubers out there. Always an inspiration to see someone continuously busting his ass. Kudos, man.

Nultic says:

Bro, one of the realest YouTubers out there. Always an inspiration to see someone continuously busting his ass. Kudos, man.

james pritchard says:

Y haven't u been at the hunt hq lately?

Angelo Ferradas says:

Did tj break up with you?

Ben Johnson says:

I'd still love to see the Jeep get bagged it'd look so cool

The Penixx says:

Plz fix your SC300 interior

carlos caro says:

Why dont u just plug the tire

Hakeemo 22 says:

When you’ve said it 6 times, that’s when you know you’ve had a good time

Edward Gabrielsson says:

they had your car on up to speed bro

rean cruz says:

Evan! What happend to "no ding squad"

qupis 7 says:

That tyre looked like too much camber😂

Sam Jennings says:

Thanks for inspiring me and the others who watch your vids. I appreciate you phatt daddy

That Guy Before Tech says:

So when's the color change of the Lexus and if u will, what color, my opinion in gunmetal grey or matte black

Neo Garcia says:

Movies said theres nothing thic abaut cha😂

Pedro Navarro says:

@Evan Shanks stay positive bro, you're doing the right things. We don't need that negative crap, I appreciate your honesty in your vids. Greetings from snowy Germany.

Stirling Peters says:

Cool guy evan

Matthew Venni says:

Thumbs up if Evan should get rid of those getto ass spacers and get some better offset wheels?

Drew T says:

Damn is there not a video where he doesn't cry about his problems. Grow up dude

kenny nakato says:

Really proud of you Evan! I suffer from anxiety too and your calling it excitement is a powerful tool. All in the perspective!

Tyler Marini says:

I suggest you get T clamps for your intercooling piping as well there stronger and more appealing as well

The J Media says:

Can't wait for you to start Project Porsche!

I AM Design Products says:

Anxiety is a b*tch but you don't give yourself enough credit man, you really stay positive man. It's infectious and inspiring. Don't think of labels like adhd or ocd as something wrong with you. You're you and you're building a better you and that's more than most do. Keep up the stellar work Evan.

John E GTI says:

Its taken me a long time to overcome my own personal self doubts and my own anxiety and honestly as dorky as it might sound, videos like this and the vlog help me remind myself to keep doing what I love and chase my dream. Thanks for everything Evan.

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