Stupidly easy Car Mods for $30 Bucks that actually look Good

Stupidly easy Car Mods for $30 Bucks that actually look Good

Cheap doesn’t mean ugly -DIY Car Mods that look good Without breaking the bank. Customized wheels & rims for $30 a pop, & building Diamond Plated floor matts for $20. Simple stuff for any beginner -everything in this video was easy & cost next to nothing to do. Here are the links to all the stuff in this video

Letters from
Lighting from: http:
Tools in this build: Milwaukee hackzall
Makita Grinder:
Mothers Mag Polish:
Never dull:
Tire lettering on amazon:



Disney Scoop says:

Stick to landscaping Stan, you are a ricer !

Charlie Wood says:

Do the Jeep

Richard Kavanagh says:

Love your work bench ?

Lucas Perkins ヵら尉 says:

so now you're muscling in one scotty kilmers turf lol

Jackal Gaming says:

I really enjoyed this

Syrnian says:

Looks hideous.

Heath Bauer says:

Wow Milwaukee hooked you guys up with some tools!

Payton Day says:

No offense but I only subbed to see the car make more vids

E36_bi//mer says:

The Auto Zone special

E36_bi//mer says:

Omg I just wanna kiil myself

Nic Fleck says:

That is the most disgusting challenger ive ever seen, not only does it look like garbage but its an automatic. Sad

hunterofpike says:

Awesome video Stan, but the reminder of what's coming in a few months (cold and snow) was a debbie downer moment for me! haha

Khaled 89 says:

Man that is so cool👍

Chris Agurrie says:

Snowing in august? Also you have waayy too much fun editing

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