The Beginners Guide to Aero Modifications for your Car

The Beginners Guide to Aero Modifications for your Car

Today we cover off all the basics of aero modifications, from road use through to autocross, track and straight line racing. We’re just covering the basics, but after this video you should have a decent idea of a development path for your car in the way you want to go.

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Heebee Jeebeez says:

Just dropped a smokin hot b-15b in my limo while running ten foot exhaust stacks through the front hood ( downforce duh) problem is, my keys are stuck in the trunk under a triple stack!

Dennis Vanderben says:

amazing amount of knowledge in under 8 min!

99Lezard99 says:

Hi i have a little track project with a friend. Its a small boxy hatchback with a very small engine. Laughably small. Our main goal is to decreace drag without adding a lot of extra weight. We are thinking about a gurney flap but we are not sure if if can or Let alone will decrease drag. The car has a stock wrap around spoiler at the back that extends for aprox 5-8cm from the actual roofline. Also we dont really want to cover the whole underbody because of weight and exhaust heat. Also its got a torsion beam rear axle wich stands in the airflow anyway.

Our questions are now:
Would a gurney flap be benedicial to our little hatchback?

And would it be benedicial if we would at least cover up some areas on the underbody?

Anyone got a similar project or experiance on that?

TheSupremeDominator says:

Not all drag is a bad thing. If anyone thinks spoilers are there for speed gains, they're getting confused.

Alonsitis Duff says:

What if I install a spoiler with negative degrees of attack? Whould that create enough lift to compensate for the drag it generates, and make my car more fuel efficient while not being dangerous? It's a '99 Focus. (FWD 100hp)

Jason Rivero says:

What if you had a video series where you got a random car from a sub and told them what their car would benefit from. Maybe in each category of racing. You can start with my car.. 2005 Volvo s60r with "Aero kit" πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ just a suggestion really. Great videos

Cody McCarty says:

What if your doing a street /tarmac rally car

JerseyMikeP says:

Solution is DRS like the Huracan Performante πŸ˜‰

Daniel Motrescu says:

Don't need no downforce… i have a bmw

Khalid Mostafa says:

Spoilers , flat.. Spoilers

224rebels says:

1) When you speak of 10mm-20mm of rake from the front to rear axle, do you mean the rear should be 10mm-20mm higher off the ground than the front?
2) How do you determine high and low pressure areas of the bonnet?

Misimosity says:

front wheel drive hatchback tho?

Perun Run says:

Or you can just put a big fan at the back of your car.

Dr Fresh says:

What about aero for drifting? Do you know if anyone has tested what could be beneficial at those angles? As far as in a wind tunnel or a program? Been thinking of incorporating a diff cooler in the diffuser. Lol make the drag do some work if it's going to be there.

Archilles Almario says:

Can you talk about roof racks and the wind deflectors that come with it. I have a bmw e30, least aero thing on the road, any thoughts? I’d love to make the underbody aero

SI RICKO says:

No matter what wing you put on a car it will do something help you or hurt you simply

Bepe Gabianni says:

don't drive behind a jet

Bob Last says:

on a 150whp 1130kg track car (NC Miata), do you think there's more time to be gained with adding downforce or reducing drag?

Baboo Choo says: not a Fk was given about aerodynamics on that day 😹

Louis Swanepoel says:

1:46 Oh my goodness, that bridge looks extremely familiar to the one crossing the Theewaterskloof dam, in South Africa. Even the road sign and numberplate seems like what you would get there. If you could clarify it to me I would be soooo happy. Oh and great video by the way.

Alexander Stollznow says:

Excellent video! thanks

Groom Lake says:

I love your vids Kyle !! Maybe we can learn about the Air entering the engine and intake tract dynamics !!! I get to spend a lot of time on a blower dyno and it’s comical how little is known there.

Groom Lake says:

Next time you come over to a drag race we got to get in touch!!

Bleepdupdupbloop says:

That poor torana..

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