The BEST INTERIOR Modification

The BEST INTERIOR Modification

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Classik-Jordyn Edmonds


Ben Jamin- All Day Everyday w.LMC

#subaru #sti



Matt Pavia says:

Is there no foam backing to the fabric ?

Nick Peluso says:

It scares me to see such young kids behind the wheel.

Sterling Witherspoon says:

How much I paid for this headliner lil bruhh??

Jesus escalante says:

You know what would of made it 1million times better and finishing touch "star light fiber optics" check it out

Trece Ttrece says:

Love it! How is it holding up Since the video?

Andrew Lee says:

Wow i love it! You did such a good job ๐Ÿ‘

Yukimasa Heppe says:

Looks sweet my man๐Ÿ‘

Mammoth Puppy says:

hahaha wicked squeegie you buddy has there. use what youve got!

alan king's randomness says:

never seen a twelve year old with a comb over…. lol…. all jokes aside, good job.

Nelson Fernandez says:

you can use an iron for the wrinkles

Diego Prado says:

Very nice ๐Ÿ‘

arturito57 says:


DayDreamin56 says:

ooo im planning to try this out!, how did you resize it when you order the fabric?

james the ginger says:

Do you think you used too much glue in hindsight? I know you wanted to make sure it stayed but just wondering if you did it again would you have used as much?

Heartbroke LoveLust says:

i actually thought of this before i saw the video

Mason Tyner says:

This soundtrack is samurai champloo as fuck! Lol

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