The Saab Dad wagon gets some mods! 3000gt VR4 Project ….

The Saab Dad wagon gets some mods! 3000gt VR4 Project ….

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I start off by removing the “hot air intake” on the saab in favor to hopefully gain a few more MPG! I also cleaned up the front of it by deleting the front marker lights in the bumper with the euro spec delete trim pieces and then blacked out the grill with some satin black spray paint!

David pulled in the 1995 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4 project that he has had for a while ( has a rod knock ). He bought a wrecked one that he is using for a donor car to get the other one back on the road!

Also installed a car seat in the DAD WAGON and talk a bit about the slipping clutch from the torque of that SAAB 2.8t!

Check out for all your Saab parts needs!

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Where can I get this front bumper marker light delete?

Zerozen808 says:

more dad saab plz.

noah_cockerline 17 says:

turbo the ktm with that lil baby turbo

Build Auto T.V says:

My saab with my k&n keeps getting oil on my maf and I have limp mod so I did a aem dry flow air filter so much better

Carissa Pedro Villegas Castro says:

trevor ill be your handy man brother…. ill drive the 16 hour drive whenever you need help…

keiron mate says:

the only side marker things our cars have here is indicator ones

Charles Choi says:

“Never going to spool, Dave” lol

Peter Chomanič says:

People in Europe would like the trim ith orange pieces there, same like in older models whole turn signal lights from US saabs 😀 and US people want EU trim. ahhh…


Black out the chrome in the headlights! Makes the NG9-3's look so good. Look up Michael Carmody in Saab Owners North America.

Aedan Lonergan says:

3000gt VR-4 FTW!!!

Orphan_tc says:

I like the idea of a 3000gt project but David sounds fucking annoying homie ! Lol

mike woods says:

what do you do for work $$$$$$$$

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