What Did I Get Myself Into? // MR2 Project Car

What Did I Get Myself Into? // MR2 Project Car

Kicking off some new MR2 Content with a nightmare wiring mess to solve! MR2 Turbo Project Car!

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Hello Sarah, Your 'tube' is fantastic, I do have some information which MAY be personally valuable, nothing sinister but can I have an email address to enable transfer of the info which comes with my personal 'story' . You and Charlie are great together and the mutual collaboration makes for great entertainment. I have a SW20 MR2, a 1991 in perfect condition, I have owned it for 22 years, wonderful little car. Keep it up, kindest regards Rod/Amanda

licksludgee says:

If it tickles your pickle, you should do a GTO or a 3000GT as a future build. People forget how amazing these cars are

The Vin says:

You’re already building awesome project cars Sarah. The types most people can afford. Doesn’t have to be lavish and expensive to be good.

david quinn says:

I like your personality came here from motionautotv ill give you a sub.

memin valle says:

Sarah when you have a review subaru forester transmission cvt thanks

richard cranium says:

a good wiring diagram with connector pinouts would have saved you a ton of time, but then we wouldnt have a video. if ya got em flaunt em

Patrick Madigan says:

Check out this video. Steam is a much better solution than chemicals.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUHMaQzaO0A). It is so much faster. you can triple you're detailing business.

Jose Malave says:

I love you 💓🔥💓🔥💓🔥💓

bhexric says:

Keep up the good work Sarah, looking forward to seeing you fulfill your vision for the channel 🙂

LT7 Automotive says:

Nice work. Sometimes that kind of effort pays off in just knowing the condition of the harness. You are reworking the other two harnesses, so dialing in that one was well spent time. Plus, you got to clean under there, right? At least it looked like you did. Thanks for saying "harness" for the harnesses and connector for the connectors.

kontradictions says:

Love the fact that you leave candid comments and sound effects in when you edit. The random "ouch" and "oops" are the best part of your videos. Haha.

K03sport says:

your local library may have chiltons or similar on this car in their automotive section…random non-connected harnesses are not new and have been around since car makers decided to put one harnesss in the car to make assembly "simpler" and just left harnesses dangling if that car did not come with that feature/sensor…good luck with the build/rebuild…much better than that "other guy" with his MR2 project 😉

Michael Bradshaw says:

great video tons of good work and information. Plus don't worry everyone loves your angles… and the camera work too!

Tyson Bailey says:

Which android double din were you going to get?

Ryan Rohauer says:

Will you marry me

hanan mahmoud says:

يا الله شو طيبة

Xanthe Muya says:

I did the same swap with the interior bulbs dash bulbs for both my Vehicles, so much better night visibility for the dash. Great Videos and attention to detail!!

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