WOW!!! PERMANENTLY Restore Faded AUTO Trim Secret METHOD #1

WOW!!!  PERMANENTLY Restore Faded AUTO Trim  Secret METHOD #1

Sweet Project Cars Show the DIY’ers 2 METHODS in 2 separate videos on how to Restore Your Black Trim Back Permanently WITHOUT PAINT OR STORE BOUGHT JUNK.




CauseAndEffect says:

It looks to be melting the upper very thin layer of shredded plastic.

J Davis says:

if it hasn't been mentioned yet,I have used map gas torch

Stephen Rios says:

On many plastic trims, this is not permanent, even when using a protective product after doing this.

It is also important to note that this does not work on all plastic trims, and that once you have used this method on a trim piece once, it rarely works a second time on the same piece.

Definitely works as advertised here though.

SuperJoes70 says:

Some bumpers do not come back been doing this method for years , or they flip back in a few months but 90% of the time it works take care Joe

Dj Dawson says:

your my new hero

dreamkiss4u says:

this is old news from lots of other people that posted this, but yes it is melting the outer surface of the plastic a very thin thin layer …. i work in manufacturing bumpers and other things we make with the same materials and i have no clue what you are talking about the oils bringing them back up……we all know melting the very thin layer will make it shine back up because it melts it just the same way as when you heat up plexi glass when its scratched or dull looking you just heat it with a heat gun to melt the out most thin layer to shine it back up.

John says:

I did this to a Nissan Xterra with a bunch of faded plastic and it worked great!

Jeff Eppenger says:

Won't the heat mar the paint surface that is at the edge of the plastic?

Los Lakers says:

You continue to amaze me!!!

Stup1d new feature says:

just spray Armor All Tire Foam, i restore mud guard, front lip, rubber trim, rubber host, black plastic, interior stuff ….. easy and effective.

Bruce Felkins says:

Awesome trick! Put all these in a book on Amazon.

tom thompson says:

when its a hot day ,,, just rub in used engine oil , the black carbon will bond with the surface ,,, wait an hour for the oil to bake dry ,,, polish with a cloth ,,, if itys not black enough ,, do it again

Sokol Murati says:

Awesome I tried your leather resto trick it worked great. Can't thank you enough man.

Paul Wehbe says:

You deserve more and more subscribers! Thumbs up for you. Stay Blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Stuart oliver says:

Brilliant mate thanks a lot,I'll be doing my bumper strips on my e34 later๐Ÿ˜‰

Jesse Esparza says:

Great Video, Thumbs up and I Subscribed.

Tony Mullins says:

Dude you are the man, I have learned alot of good trick's from you, thanks!

David Trautman says:

Spaying on armour all works nice.

Erick Rangel says:

Will a hair dryer work?

Rommel R says:

Seeing is believing! Another great tip, thanks!

Will D says:

Thank you so much LOVE your videos and channels this is so helpful I've tried so many things to try to get my trim back to black from grey but usually went away in about a week
Can't wait to do this to my trim
Again thank you!!!!

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