1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Restomod – Full Restoration Project

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Restomod – Full Restoration Project

Watch this ’67 Mustang Shelby Cobra GT500 go from a rust bucket turned into a pro-touring beast. The guys over at MetalWorks do it again with this high quality restoration.


Engine: Ford Cobra Le Mans V8 7.0L
Transmission: TREMEC 6-speed manual
MSD fuel injection
Wilwood brakes
Vintage Wheel Works wheels
HEIDTs suspension
Flowmaster exhaust

Built by:
1045 Arrowsmith St.
Eugene, OR 97402

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Victor Tran says:

Beautiful Eleanor


Are any of these cars you guys rebuild for sale or do they owners already

awoke one says:

Metal Works does it again, not surprised!

Дикий кеп says:

Мечтаю с самого дедства, что бы купить Ford Mustang GT500 1967.

Leonardo Suzarte says:

Como sempre só carros top parabéns

Alberto 2489 says:

De las mejores restauraciones que he visto en mi vida, pero el interior creo que se queda pobre con respecto al excelente trabajo exterior. Felicidades a eso mecánicos, la mejor restauración que he visto en mi vida.

Tommy Popov says:

Jesus that is beautiful!

Tyler Watt says:

someone please correct me if i am wrong, but wasn't it the 66 GT350-HO that came with the racing engine? also if it wasn't for this vid this example could pass as a survivor.

Quantum resonance Frequencies says:

There's no words for it simply awesome did I say awesome add it to the list 📈🚀

Naqeeb Ahmad says:

you can't beat that sound….

Сергей Хатабыч says:

Дайте два!!!

Pərviz Səfərov says:


Raymond Chadman says:

Man oh man ,what A beauty ,well done , master in craft

Naqeeb Ahmad says:

how much this costs??? anyone have any idea.

jayceloris says:

Magnifique, un superbe travail une démonstration pédagogique, car rien de plus banal que ceux qui vont montre un travail super, sans expliquer les étapes, juste pour recevoir des félicitations sans intérêts. Vous, vous allez au fond des choses. Merci.

Metal Head 420 says:

Get Stacey David on the case……

Davidpinkloyd Acdc says:

vas présenter ton sublime travail chez le youtubeur AKRAMJUNIOR

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