1969 Dodge Charger Restomod Project – Insane Build of the MayHem Charger

1969 Dodge Charger Restomod Project – Insane Build of the MayHem Charger

This ’69 “MayHem” Charger was built by Detroit Speed for a repeat customer who wanted to retain the classic look of a ’69 Charger but also give it supercar technology and performance.


Engine: Chrysler 426ci Gen III Hemi (830 hp, 900 lb/ft tq)
Induction: Whipple 4.0L twin-screw supercharger
Transmission: Bowler Performance 4L80E Automatic with
triple disk lock-up converter and paddle shifters
Suspension: Complete Detroit Speed overhaul
Brakes: Corvette ZR1 15-inch carbon ceramic discs and six-piston
calipers; Bosch adjustable ABS and traction control
Wheels: Forgeline Dropkick 19×10.5 (front); 20×12 (rear)
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 275/35R19 (front); 335/30R20 (rear)

Built by:
Detroit Speed Inc.
185 McKenzie Rd.
Mooresville, NC 28115

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830 WHP “Mayhem” 1969 Dodge Charger by Detroit Speed
-by: TheSmokingTire



Waywardsoul says:

WOW! Absolutely amazing the time and effort put into this beauty! They pretty much rebuilt the vehicle from the ground up.

DirtyIobster says:

should have kept the rear :/


All metal! HELL YES!

Men_in_Blank_TV says:

Wooow…. this looks amazing… and 830hp are amazing too 😍… very good work, respect 👍

Fernando Ali Ramirez Guzman says:

Excelente trabajo realizado admiro esa forma de trabajar y hacer las cosa el detalle ese vehículo quedo mejor que hechor por el fabricante es mejor carro musculoso americano me gusta, es un sueño. Muchas felicitaciones saludos desde Venezuela.

Gama Delta says:

Respekt 👍

Gessprach M says:

Cuanto cuesta un coche como este?

Richard Koon says:

Mopar should produce this as the next charger model. Totally Perfect!!

Joe Billielo says:

That car was utterly gorgeous AND YOU FUCKING DESTROYED IT?!?!?! OMG!!!!! I'm sorry, but I'm sick of these builds, it's all been done to death already, just like back in the "Pro-Street" era. Now I'd much rather see a rotisserie done to an original car brought back to original spec. Nice work though, just too over the top for my taste.

leonardo reynoso says:

Detalle hasta el ultimo tornillo

Michael Keegan says:

I've read all the comments, and despite the misgivings people seem to have about desecrating an obviously numbers matching car, my only real complaint was with the conversion from 4 speed stick to 4 speed auto. So many good manuals out there, including a company in the midwest doing gear swaps to the old Hemi A833, turning 4th into a .65-1 OD.
I'd pay for the same resto but damn, let ME do the shifting, not some auto box.

FixItNick says:

THIS IS SO SICK!!! I built a few cars myself and I was drooling !! Wish I didn’t have a stupid full time job grrrr

Faithful Servant says:

Too bad the new charger don't look like that

jae jae says:

This is Beautiful machine, nice job fellas……. Nice Job.

Koby Smith says:

Amazing looking car, personally wouldn't have changed the tail lights. either way its a beauty!

Moto Dipper says:

What!!!! That intro tho I need that

William L. says:

My only complaint? Should have been black or dark grey. 🤷🏽‍♂️

jeremy suhr says:

Wow! 😍 goals for my 69 Charger! Id do a few things differently, but not many! So awesome!

The_All_Seeing_Eye says:

Did- did they seriously just tear apart a mint 69 charger and do that!?

the full monte says:

Was better stock

bogart pogi says:

Wow what a car now that's called muscle!!!

xSamify says:

That's my dream car

JB GTO says:

I've gotta say if this was a REAL 69 R/T Charger that they did this too, NOT TOO COOL! Now, I love DSE and Kyle and Stacy Tucker, and the car is cool they created. But my point is I hope the base car was a fake or clone R/T?? Does anyone know??

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