1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS Restoration Project – Insane Build of the Rampage Camaro

1970 Chevrolet Camaro SS Restoration Project – Insane Build of the Rampage Camaro

Restoration project of the 1970 Camaro SS that would be Rampage rolled into the Roadster Shop looking ratty—but intact—and remarkably straight. It had sat in the desert heat for years, the top half of the car orange from rust blooming through the sunbaked paint. Disassembly showed the floorpan was in a similar condition, with just a bit of rust. The floor could have been salvaged for a restoration, but that was not what was in store for Rampage. After returning from the mediablaster, steel tubing was used to reinforce the body, and the floorpan, inner rear wheeltubs, and trunk bulkhead were cut out.

The path that led to the Rampage Camaro began years ago when Roadster Shop co-founder Jeremy Gerber had an idea for a “wicked widebody” car. Jeremy selected a second-generation Camaro because it wasn’t quite as blasphemous to cut one up as opposed to a more-iconic 1969 Camaro or Mustang SportsRoof. Artist Chris Gray put the idea to paper, first as a line drawing, not much more than a sketch. It was everything Jeremy had envisioned. “I had a look, we just had to build it,” Jeremy told us. A repeat Roadster Shop customer caught a peek at the sketch and it inspired him as well. Chris soon had a full rendering completed, with aerodynamic upgrades and the proper stance. He was sold. It was time to get things moving.

Thomson Racing Engines supplied an LS7 that runs on pump gas and puts out an impressive 740 hp. The 427ci V8 was mounted 5 inches farther back in the chassis than normal and uses a Harrop individual throttle-body cross-ram intake manifold with twin custom-fabricated plenums that use ducting to pull cool air from the car’s leading edge. To cope with the tremendous cornering forces the wide Hoosiers are capable of, a Dailey billet dry-sump pump was tasked with oiling the bearings and valvetrain. Almost as important as Rampage’s performance was its sound. The shallow pan as well as the suspension design helped free up room to build a 180-degree header system that has a pair of primary tubes from each bank cross under the engine. The primary tubes meet at Burns stainless 4-into-1 collectors and were made to be as equal in length as possible for efficient scavenging.

Behind the LS7 is a Tilton bellhousing that mounts a five-speed Jerico road-race dogbox transmission at an angle for improved ground clearance. It’s yet another packaging trick and allows the exhaust to run underneath the transmission and driveshaft.

The car’s overall width is 81 inches, front and rear, as measured from the tires. The 18×12- and 19×12-inch wheels, front and rear, wear 345/35/ZR18 and 345/35ZR19 Hoosier R6 tires, respectively. A slightly less aggressive street tire is also an option, and that drops the width 1 inch per side for an overall width of 79 inches—still as wide as a fullsize truck.
As aggressive as it looks, Rampage still uses the same geometry as the Roadster Shop’s production Fast Track suspension, just with more track width. To compensate for the added width, custom control arms were built using 0.090-wall chrome-moly tubing, but their mounting points are the same as off-the-shelf Roadster Shop control arms. Technically, Rampage could be converted to stock Camaro width by removing its flares and swapping on new control arms and a more conservative wheel and tire package.

Restoration performed by:
Roadster Shop
28775 N. Rte 83
Mundelein, IL 60060

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sea doo says:

should of been unveiled at sema and blown everyones head off especially with the build video playing in the backgrounds would of been 17mins of complete silence

Donovan Tyler says:

love the interior, looks great

Donovan Tyler says:

custom 2016/2017 ZL1 grill

Donovan Tyler says:

Tail lights need to be blacked out, my 2 cents

Allan T says:

wow that is insane,i love it,i want to drive it

Henrik Paulsen says:

Doesn't those exhaust pipes beneath the engine transfer a lot of heat to the sump?

Evan Peck says:

Cool car, boring video…

DjJtown says:

With ALL the thought and engineering that went into this Awesome build, you decided to play that AWFUL music! Redo it with the info and theory that went into the build with the video. P.S. DUBSTEP IS DEAD if you didn't know.

Lord Amadeus says:

I own a 79 Z/28. Second gen Camaros need more love. Happy to see a Camaro of this caliber.

spenceratom26 says:

how the hell do you make a dye out of wood?

Morris Lipshitts says:

It's nice fellas but a new 911 RS3 turbo is way better and no down time. Just start and go.. Also cost less by about 400hundredthousand dollars.give or take a grand or so…

Brendan Brown says:


Kyle Taylor says:

This is the most incredible piece of art I have ever seen!

Ronnie Boucher says:

what a CRAP channel = as soon as i heard the shit music = WANKERS .

Phasma Dark says:

you should put the Bugatti motor in it

Claude V. says:

1/2 a million build right there, pure madness!

Racoala 12 says:

That car is a damn masterpiece…
but not a restauration in my eyes

keegan rehill says:

That’s godly

ocn2u says:

With as much as you done you could have made your own body and rebuild the 70 Camaro to original you used barely any of the original car maybe only the roof pan what did you need to throw the rest away for go out back and shoot yourself in the foot next time beautiful work by the way

Greg Blank says:

Gahhh! More youtube slideshows with bad music >.< Killing me guys!

Awesome build though.

03threefiftyz says:

Ran against the car with Mike Skeen driving it at The Ultimate Track Car Challenge 2016 at VIR and the car is immaculate and quite fast. It struck me as a car that was easily in excess of 500k to build in man ours/materiel, but worth every penny. Made a good noise as well.

Jim Clarke says:

Great engine in a great car the only way

Baltimore brawler says:

I'm doing 74 trans am with 2JZ and 4spd dogbox with Ford 9in rear build. no way near this complex. shooting for safe 500hp with E85 and meth injection. hoping the body turns out this beautiful. Thank you for uploading. great inspirational video

firdaus ahsin says:

this is what a muscle car should be power & handling. This car eats import everyday.

Ami_V8 says:

Ob das was für den öffentlichen straßenverkehr ist…..

Taylor Hudson says:

Speechless at 15:45

Mcgauleys Auto says:

Well done gentlemen. Speechless !!!!

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