1970 Ford F100 Restomod Project – Muscle Truck Build

1970 Ford F100 Restomod Project – Muscle Truck Build

The guys over at Classic Car Studio transformed this tired old farm truck into a tire-shredding torque monster! This 1970 Ford F-100 started out as most truck projects do: unloved and in dire need of help. Watch as the team at Classic Car Studio give this truck a new life.


Engine: Jon Kaase Boss 9 520ci V8 (730 hp, 700 ft-lbs tq.)
Transmission: Tremec TKO 600 w/ Centerforce Clutch
Chassis: Roadster Shop Spec Chassis & Suspension
Brakes: Wilwood 16-inch Disc Brakes
Wheels: B-Forged by Billet Specialties – 20×8.5 Fr. & 20×12 Rr.
Interior: Speedhut Gauges (replicated Ford GT gauges),
Relicate Leather, Vintage Air, Hot Rod Heater

Built by:
Classic Car Studio
1002 Hanley Industrial Ct.
St. Louis, MO 63144
(314) 567-4200
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Kris Stathakopoulos says:

That’s one nasty F150, holy crap👍🏻

CJ Griff says:

It was perfect before.

Lucky ducky405 says:

2 gas fillers?🙄

Yihong Liu says:

What’s the song at 15:15? Thank you guys!

Ricky Allagood says:

Damn. Wish it was mine 😎

john doe says:

nice…….. would of looked like a million bucks restored to stock as new. and be worth a lot more!

Frank RangerFrank says:

I had at least 4 bump sides, 2 were 1970 models. Damn nice truck fellers!

gchavsg190 says:

It's ugly , dislike to

ArgentPure says:

Beautiful build but I preferred the original blue paint colour and the old school style rims.

Александр Кротик says:

Как всегда офигенски!

Gessprach M says:

Exelente, saludos desde México!!!

Jesse Reed says:

A lot welding so. Why not put a coyote under it done this makes me sleepy pretty rat rod

BigGreenTractor says:

Why did y’all poke holes in bed hump, front and rear wheel wells? Obviously it’s not meant for the street as the holes will allow tons of rod debris and nastiness in bed and under hood. Also don’t understand the gauges say 429, but it has a 520. Knit picking yes but it’s all in the details. Overall it’s great looking

Carl Ardoin says:

But did they get it on the road yet?

Onésimo /# kaverão says:

this pick-up was great, congratulations

Cesar Brito says:

Desde Venezuela . Que bueno trabajo los felicito

Trumpstaffel16 says:

I don't get it, what engine came in that truck? Did it already get a 385 swap of some kind?

Михаил Жуков says:

Молодцы! Очень хорошая и достойная работа!


Beautiful…It's perfect !..just missing the bumpers.

jose luis juareztw21 says:


chronicsinnerZ says:

This truck looked better blue, red is UGLY.

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