AFTER 3 YEARS IT'S FINALLY FIXED!! Forgotten Garage Project ROARS Back To Life ONCE AGAIN!!

AFTER 3 YEARS IT'S FINALLY FIXED!! Forgotten Garage Project ROARS Back To Life ONCE AGAIN!!

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NOCO Genius 12 Volt Jump Pak

After Over 3 Years Of Sitting Apart in the Garage IT FINALLY MOVES UNDER IT’S OWN POWER ONCE AGAIN!!

Send Stuff To:
P.O. Box 672 Quarryville, PA 17566

Race Truck Parts:
Banks Monster Ram –
MIshimoto InterCooler Kit –
24v ARP 625 Studs –

12v Jump Pak –
Tesa Wiring Tape –
Wire Harness Depinning Tool –
Bakflip MX4 Tonneau Cover –
24v ARP 625 Studs –
Cummins Valve Spring Tool –
Black 5″-6″ Exhaust Tip –
Rechargeable Led Area Light –
Metric Flex Sockets –
Ratcheting Wrenches –
3/8 Right Angle Impact Driver –
Drain Pan –

GoPro Hero 6 –
GoPro Hero 5 –
GoPro Grip –
Tripod –
Laptop –

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Scott Harris says:

I have that same jump pack. It jumped my 4th gen.

Jeremy Smith says:

She’s been rode hard and put away wet… the only way to ride brother!

Mike Pozzi says:

A- different content every now and again keeps it interesting.
B- truck question: when you cut the coils to bring the race truck down a bit, did you trim the bump stops or just deal with it bottoming out all the time? getting a little bored with mine bottoming out constantly with the CSS lowered coils and wondering if the bumps should / can be trimmed.

jfeekes2011 says:

From the race truck, to quads, to well maintenance and zero turn mowers.. I enjoy them all!! Glad u keep the camera rolling even when u aren’t working on the race truck! Keep the videos coming turba!

rogerash0 says:

my 650hp vp44 truck has a 13 or 14k D&J motor with 14mm arp625s and it needs a head gasket.. and its my DD, so I dont beat on it. Also eats valve stem seals on the exhaust side; makes it smoke white and you can see lots of oil from the valves if when you pull the exhaust mani off. The support from them is pretty poor, they also had the truck in the shop for two days and same story. I paid hotel/lodging and time off work.. still have an engine that needs work… havnt been real happy with it. I would go freedom or II if I did it again. Also I shipped my core to em for $650 and they got me for 1300..

TGarrett4 says:

Shredder series. Not a fan of the "fire junk" guys. Or build it in the garage and take us along. Probably get a lot more views.

Citizens First says:

kawi's are cold blooded

Abraham Salcido says:

Keep doing what you do Tom. Its never a dull moment on your channel. As far as the rebuild take your time i did a complete build on mine and satisfied with the outcome its all in the math ! You have this covered.

Skinny Kenny says:

Like everything else budget will dictate most of what you do.if you can afford 45k for a second place motor have at it

Iam noone says:

Needs hood stack lol

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