Cheap DIY Ceiling Winch—Overhead Hoist

Cheap DIY Ceiling Winch—Overhead Hoist

I’ll show how I mounted this super easy, and pretty cheap ceiling winch/hoist in my garage shop. I mounted two to my ceiling, about eight feet apart. Each winch is rated at 1300 pounds and cost $150. The installation probably took me three hours from start to finish.

Items used in this video:

$149 winch:
$99 winch:
Lag Bolts:
Nylon straps:
Shackle (not exact one from video):
Quick link-Threaded oval:


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George Lehman says:

i have a lift the same company i use it to raise my mowers you should go up in your attic and put some 2 x 8 boards on the rafters and screw or bolt them will keep them a lot stronger helps protect drywall from splitting .

George Lehman says:

if you need a brand new 6 ft 4 x 14 ft dove tail trailer to mover you tables i have a 2020 single axle for 2800.00 firm would be better then loading it into a truck box nice tables

MAN - DAR says:

My heart dropped when that slab fell off the table. Moments like that remind u why u have to be extra careful.

Zohar Flax says:

Thank you for posting this, we can learn by seeing how things like this can happen and gain better understanding of how things work, or don't.

Pahjo Designs says:

Really like all your videos! Great work!

Tiffany Haynie, LVL1 Secretary says:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Love your vids, your calm demeanor and smooth voice. Appreciate your channel bein' here 🙌

It's funny that we've encountered more "winch/wench" police in the comments than "Hey, don't lift your jointer by the wings" police 🤣

rickny1971 says:

Out of curiosity, what kind of washers did you use on the P1000T with the 3/8" lag bolts? Are those regular 3/8" flat washers or fender washers?

TheGmoney11111 says:

Hello thanks for the video. I wanted to say I did the same thing you did but then I decided I needed it to slide from one side of the garage to the other would you have any ideas

PaganWizard says:

Great idea, but did you buy some wInches, or wEnches??

Mike Jahnke says:

The winch was a great idea. You know what isn't a great idea? working in the shop wearing flip flops.

Istvan Szabo says:

I'm so glad i find this channel!
It's very inspiring and helpful to me.
Keep it up and thank you!

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