Delboy's Garage, Project FoXDaWG Day 26, "Gas Tank" Strip !

Delboy's Garage, Project FoXDaWG Day 26, "Gas Tank" Strip !

More progress with the bodywork, strip and scuff, ready to go.
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8 ball says:

Nitro is crap these days , health and safety gone mad. 👊😎

Beans says:

I do believe the The metal effect is growing on me. Keep the good work up mate
Kind regards.

Ben Purdy says:

An engineer friend once taught me to polish the steel first, then use a grey/red scotch pad on a sander to get desired effect. It's a lot less "grinder looking"

dantae666 says:

Get online and buy aircraft stripper

David 555 montez says:

Wonderful my friend 🤓 very very wonderful
Beatiful detail
It's worth the wait…believe me 🤓👍
Best wishes
And by the way
I have some boots like yours

vlad poluektov says:

clear coat on polished metal without primer no good idea

shaun quick says:

Sorry that looks awful

Gus says:

Hi Del , nice job.. Im working on my cx fuel tank too and I used a paint stripper called " Power Strip Best Industrial Strength Heavy Duty Paint Stripper Remover " it work well but a genius decided to put a later of tow mil all over the tank before changing the colour …lol so a lot of sanding work . the bare metal looks great. Thanks, Gus

Empty One says:

Aircraft paint stripper – dichloromethane, the banned substance from main stream paint strippers, used as a general anaesthetic in Victorian days. Still strips like a stripper.

Joe Lucass says:

I would buy smaller sand disc like 30mm and made whole circles like you wanted to do in the first place it would look more controled and had a ridem to the pattern. Cant wait to see how it will all look at the end. Keep up the good work.

Jilbert van Ruiten says:

The paint stripper was 20 years ago scary stuff, now its skin safe, and it does not work…LOL

andywalton8783 says:

For future reference del I use a product called starchem synstrip, it will go to the metal in about a minute my local body shop sells it for about £25 a gallon, it really is the dogs nuts

Robby Jr says:

Great job Del! I have a question and I'm sorry I know it's been said in the past. Every time I watch your TV channel It amazes me how much you have in that space.So how big is that garage? Thanks for your time Del take care .👍

Non Stoppie says:

As always, these are really fun to watch and follow along.

DavRos says:

Like that………….good job

Softail Fun says:

Hiya fella. Yup Nitromorse was rubbish after the EU got their hands on it, they had to stop using certain chemicals and ruined a perfectly good product. I use a product from a professional bodywork wholesaler which works as you described. RSMB.

Simone J Stogrin says:

Great idea Del the bike is going to look stunning. Yeah I have noticed nitromoors getting weak, that stuff was lethal years ago.

RSB Harley says:

Looking good Del. Can't wait to see the finished product mate. Penny and you have a relaxing weekend. Cheers

suzuki750stu says:

Looks great buddy, the clear coat will bring that pattern out even more, regards Stu

bill frost says:

i see where ya going with that delboy ,, i say keep going mate keep the vision against black (especially flat black that would look sick as fuck ) ,,,only thing i personally would may be do is polish the swirl area up a tad before clear ,,maybe not to the level of when polishing aluminum to the chrome look but polished a tad , who knows keep adjusting and having fun ..that's what you are keep on going mate ,best regards bill

Jon M says:

Sort of a shame to loose the original paint 🙁 ( I like to see a bit of original Harley ) — what about trying hydrodip for the sides ? a change from the rattle can? – would be an interesting and not expensive learn me thinks (and really creative finishes).

Geoff Oz Evans says:

Hi guys, what's happening with Nitromors, I remember in the late 70s putting it on my GT 550 casings, the lacquer came off almost instantaneously, but hay ho, you got there in the end, & quickly too. I think it's going to look great , have a great weekend both x👍👍😎

Stewart Mackay says:

I think it will look fantastic. As a custom car fanatic from the 70's I remember crinkle paint when it first came out. That also looked fantastic. Push the boundary's Del, that's how we get to see new stuff.

John Garrison says:

If all goes well this could become jewelry on wheels.

howietorock says:

What an awesome idea ..maybe a candy paint overs the metal to make it pop more.??

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