DIY Home Renovation Series Episode 2 – How to Bring Life to an Old Garage

DIY Home Renovation Series Episode 2 – How to Bring Life to an Old Garage

In this episode you’ll watch the process of transforming an old garage into a finished garage with drywall, texture, paint, lighting, and updates. I hope some of the tips and techniques will inspire you to get started on a project at your home.
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1627 W Main Street Suite 182
Bozeman, Montana 59715



عثمان الرزيزا says:

Good morning my friend How are you today good 👍very very nice and very very good for your working is this today thanks so much for you I’m OTH SAL RIYADH CITY K.S.A 16-1-2018🌹❤️

Matt D.I.MYWAY Martinson says:

Looks good Pete! Tip on hanging drywall. Start with the top row and push it tight against ceiling, then use a drywall jack or prybar to raise the bottom up an inch off the floor to keep moisture from soaking in. I know it's more work but it's the right way.

That's Byers says:

That's one really nice garage/workshop!

Making Stuff says:

Nice, I want to see it all renovated already !

Kaitlyn Yeager says:

This is awesome! My new favorite series! Please continue to make quality content!!

pjbuckmaster says:

That is awesome. So much a person can do with the right attitude and a little planning. Great videos by you sir. Love the motivation you bring to this type of work.

Brotato Chip says:

How long do i let my concrete table top cure before adding sealer

jphallow78 says:

Looking sharp!! I'm new when it comes to house reno stuff so I'm digging the vids and learning quite a bit. Did you rent some of the tools that you use or did you purchase them (excluding your saws and sanders). Just curious if I want to tackle something like this down the road. Cheers!!

Charlie Thompson says:

Nice. It turned out great and when you get that floor epoxied it will really pop then.

Peter Poertner says:

Looking good Pete.  I saw in your opening shot that you have made progress in the kitchen, it's all coming together!  Can't wait until spring and you put up a pole barn for a new shop!

Martin Yard & Workbench says:

Hey Pete, your project is coming along well. Have you found there to be a big difference between the pink fiberglass insulation compared to the brown fiberglass that you used in this video? Happy building from Vermont.

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