Garage Project | DIY Dart Board Wall | Cleaning

Garage Project | DIY Dart Board Wall | Cleaning

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Krismantie Claudia says:

this is so satisfying to watch! love how it turned out! looking forward to see more of your content in the future. I also have a youtube channel, maybe we could support each other? x

KG Paradise says:

Wow awesome video ! πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨

Kasey Chau says:

alby i love how clean your channel looks, everything turned out amazing!

alice snow says:

this was so fun to watch!I subbed and liked! hope we can support eachother <3

The Imogen Rose says:

Wow I’m so impressed! This came out so well😍😍

Gerri1016 says:

The doggy was sooo cute! Loved this video girl and subbed x

Hampton Family says:

Hello….From the Hampton FamilyπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€— We are a new family to YouTube…and just wanted to show some support to you channel…..Please feel free come visit our channel and like….comment…and subscribe….πŸ˜€

Elizabeth Gordon says:

I follow you on instagram and got excited when I saw that you made a youtube! Can you do a tour of your house? πŸ™‚

Veronica Kearney says:

Love this video! Feel free to check out my newest video & let me know what you think πŸ™‚

Jordans Life says:

New subscriber! This is such a awesome idea and it looks amazing! Great video! Hope you can check out my channel and that we can support each other πŸ’•

Living With Lex says:

I love that you both did it together! ☺️ such an awesome idea! It turned out great ☺️

Simply Bree says:

Lmao β€œtoo short to do the top part” story of my life! This turned out really good, might have to hire you guys! ❀️

It's Me Kristylee says:

I love me a good dart board πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

You did a great job cleaning up the garage I love the sped up effect πŸ’•

New active subscriber in me πŸ’•

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