How to build a DIY Garage Organization – Pegboard Project

How to build a DIY Garage Organization – Pegboard Project

DIY – Pegboard – Total cost: $120 each

Talk is cheap, it’s time to get Organized! I was able to DIY this Pegboard organization system, and save hundreds in the process. you will have your garage organazied in seconds. I customized it with some artwork of a Lion and a Phoenix. Is this a coincidence there they these are 2 summer blockbusters?

Please do not try this at home, I am the Level 1 Builder

––– Materials used –––
4×8 Pegboard – Hardboard,
2,3,4,6 inch select pine,
Furring Strips, 2,3,4,6 inch select pine,

Pegboard Accessories:
Shop light:
Paint: Black:
Screws for mounting pegboard:
Screws for pocket hole system:

–––Tools I use–––
Pocket hole system:
Speed Square:
Nailer: 18 Gauge Air Nailer

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Pali says:

Another great video, useful…

Crucial Crypto says:

duude coolest tool/peg board setup known to man, im getting fire ideas from you! keep it up!

Jose Juarez says:

Loved the animations lol

Michael Illingby says:

so when you need a screwdriver, grab the extension ladder?

Jonathan Mathew says:

Great Video man 👍. I can’t tell you how useful this will be for me, I have tools on tools on tools in my workshop. I am just in awe of how you are able to create something like this off the top of your head. It clear to see that not even falling from a ladder and hitting your head can stop The LEVEL 1 BUILDER. Keep up the awesome work and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week.

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