How to build a garage in less than 10 Minutes

How to build a garage in less than 10 Minutes

Building a tiny garage in less than 10 minutes…. What’s cool about this project is a previous customer had us come back and rebuild an old garage so he could have two good looking structures. This video may not show exactly how to build a garage, but hopefully its fun to watch. This project actually took us about two full days to complete. I’m thinking I need to do a one day build challenge!



נועם אברהם דודאי says:

10 min hahaha
Less than 9 min brother. …
Perfect. ..
Your team is great work so together. ..
Those two garages looks like old and younger brothers. ..

Robin Lewis says:

The baby brother

John Strand says:

Ok, some things i did not like. I do this because i love you and want you to improve.First of, Americans use plastic everywhere but not where it matters. Under the end of the wall studs, between the wood and the concrete. If you insulate the walls it matters, Now it don't.After you are done with walls. You secure them horizontally with 2×4 by nailing them from top och one stud to the bottom of the next. That way, the building is secured in horizontal movement. You have NO securing for horizontal movements what so ever in this building.The trusses is constructed wrong. There needs to be studs from the center beam in an angle out and up. On both sides. So it looks more like a trident if u get what i mean.

Norman Morrison says:

Looks like you guys create your own laminated posts. Could you go into more detail in a future video on your specific techniques for creating the laminated post?

Tim Fischer says:

Kyle, could you send me plans for this garage?

65KFoster says:

Did you build the Post or where those per-engineered like the trusses.

Tim Mattison says:

Looks great boyz

charlie tobias says:

It does not build in 10 minutes. I tried. You lied

Jason King says:

Kyle what was the real time build for this project?

Sam I Am says:

Great video beautiful building

joe Schlotthauer says:

At 8:45, I just have a hard time accepting that rain, ice, or snow, isn't going to find a way around the screws into the roofing material, and I know that they have a washer, but I don't trust that washer.

Bill b says:

U forgot a side.

jesper dahl says:

Man that looks like a rough week. LOL

Jeffrey Van Houten says:

I’m always surprised how little beef there is to your garage door headers. Is that just the way that the post carries more load to the foundation or piers?

Could this same method be used in a garage/barn structure with a second floor loft/apartment?

Gage Pine says:

Click bait. This didn't take you 10 minutes..

fogllama says:

Every video, I see the tool carrying belts off the shorts and think, just for a moment, that everyone is wearing Utilikilts. Every. Time.

Adam Scott says:

Wicked. Keep it up lads

Phroden Dekia says:

Is thay moving platform yours or you rent it?

Joe Gibbons says:

Metal roofs are like your wife. If you dont screw er right they will end up in the neighbors yard.

Mouser Trippy says:

Just wooww… 2 days 😳

Derrick Sowers says:

You are lucky to have guys that know what you want done, and can get it done quick.

Tc says:

That was a sweet video..more please

doc hall says:

What's the cost of that shop ? What about cost dif tween your product and steel building ?

Adam Birch says:

I like this video to support your one day build challenge.

Jerrys DIY Woodworks says:

Congrats on 100,000 subs. Well deserved and earned. Loved every one of your videos.

Kevin says:

Those corner cuts…

Michael Fogarty says:

That was outstanding.

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