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Today we begin a new chapter on my channel . Let’s GO!
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Tavarish says:

Jared bet me that we couldn't get Wrench Every Day 1,000 new subs in a day. I told him that you guys are awesome and we'd get it done NO PROBLEM. LET'S GOOOO!!!! https://www.youtube.com/wrencheveryday

Carlos Flores says:

Your missing a rx7 and a skyline

Jay AR says:

Bring the IMSA car to the freedom factory.

Abhinav Chevula says:

That Jared Pink montage was metal as hell. What was that track?

Mohammed Alli says:

Beg chip foose or Aaron Kaufman


Oh great 👍 I’ll be by to take out white Lamborghini out for the week I did not know they were mine to !? I really like your channel our channel I mean ! 🤗.

Serious Glitcher * says:

Is that samcracs Land Rover in the background 😂😂😂😂

Ali Ahmad says:

You are very welcome! 🥺♥️

Soarer Garage says:

I can hear Ferrari writing a cease and desist order already….

AWESOME dragon Cory says:


gerald ramsay says:

Am i the only one who’s still waiting for that Give away on the Mitsubishi

Berto606 says:

Put the Lambo engine in an SLC! Just buy one if they don't want to sponsor. It'll be f'in awesome! I'd love to you build one.

Diessel's Works&Repairs says:

Might not be such a good idea to stack cars on top of others, if some fluids spill from top ones, the ones on the bottom might not be so happy

Stijn says:

Can I buy the Ferrari block (shipping price), It would surely make my school very happy (Automotive Engineer)… we have Peugeot 1.3l 3cyl blocks or something shitty. Might as well be used instead of being turned into a table :/

Tom Y says:

Widebody the 355

Gregory DJ says:

Put the V12 in the Ferrari.

Devon Strickland says:

Swap the V12 into a LM002 🤣🤣🤣

GR says:

Never let Jared go away. He is just the perfect partner for you.

Sherwyn Titterton says:

Vw panel van the engine is in the rear gearbox infront convert one those old classic ones put a lambo engine in it I really want to see you do that

Nathanial says:

Dude you should make a lambo gocart with the mercy engine 😅😁

conrad testamark says:

Hi! Tavarish!! I saw you post a built Lamborghini Coutach lMS or a Le man race car? It look very nice, I would love to Drive it if you decide to put it in to racing in the 24h le man racing league. I Want to know. why you stop building it? Do not stop building it.

Lil Tay says:

can the lamborghini V12 be put into the 355??

cliff curtis says:

Alittle late on this but I found your channel from the awesome pimp my ride mini van and I I love your content! It's fun and so many different projects from jdm to exotics. But I feel like that v12 lambo engine would love a Ferrari platform just to get under the skin of some purists out there maybe not the one you already have but another "cheap" Ferrari you find down the road.

George Cummings says:

Why is Tee shading Jared? Jared is the coolest guy whenever he's in your video mate… Please fix that Tavarish or you can say goodbye to this subscriber. This is a disappointing post. Cheers mate.

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