Install a Vinyl Garage Floor

Install a Vinyl Garage Floor

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Ben Dover says:

This material won’t work if you actually park your car in your garage, which is what most of us do. As soon as you turn your wheel in your car this stuff will wrinkle like hell. Horrible choice for a garage with cars coming in and out, great choice if you just use your garage as a shop of work studio.

Mr J-Charles says:

I like how he said to use the plywood behind the flooring to cut it to keep blades sharp. Then proceeds to cut the rest of the flooring against the concrete not following his tip.

Jeff Randall says:

Good topic. Some questions though….how do you make sure the two edges, of the two sheets, are straight and match up perfectly? Did you apply cement to area covered by tape? If not, does it still lay flat? How did you get the flooring under the heavy cabinets? Is this material suitable for a garage? If so, what do you suggest for edging/transition to outside? What would you estimate cost per sq ft to be? I'm sure there are many more questions.

Tina Robin says:

How would you finish off by garage door?

C10 Syndicate says:


Jeffrey Lonigro says:

Great idea on seaming it with a 40 mil bath liner and pan adhesive!

M says:

FYI these rolls of flooring are about $265 for a 7.5' x 22" roll

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