Installing Garage Shelving (part 1) with The DIY Duck

Installing Garage Shelving (part 1) with The DIY Duck

This time on the DIY Duck, the duck and I take a quack at installing the brackets from our last video ( This shelving project is simple to build and install into just about any area and can be customized to fit your space. These shelves are built based on the plans from Matthais Wandel over at You can see the inspiration for this project here

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rtfofo says:

I like this design and it appears to be relatively inexpensive especially compared to wire shelving from lowes or home depot.  I have a question about the verticals.  Do you have them anchored into the floor joist in the ceiling above like the e-plans suggest?  If I didn't want to put holes in the ceiling to connect to floor joists how would you suggest i anchor them to the wall?  Screws longer than the width of the 2×4?  Thanks for the help and good luck on future projects.

RHT says:

good vid. I'm going this route.  thanks!

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