Intro to DIY Garage Tx

Intro to DIY Garage Tx

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by – this is just an informal introduction to the channel. It covers the kinds of projects we will be doing – anything from welding, to machine work, tuning, racing, and even some projects around the house. Please like, share and subscribe for future videos!



TheRooster1122 says:

New Sub here! You were recommended by Gary Ramsey! Sure glad I came on by….. Like your videos..👍🏼

Stephen Cox says:

Hey Brooks, I post as Stephen4785 on dfwm. Glad to see you start a YouTube channel. Iv been uploading for a couple years now and love the YT community. Id love to swing by next time Im up in Ft Worth and get some footage to put on my channel.

wyant50 says:

Looking forward to your upcoming projects and work Brooks.

Gear_Junkie_ Tx says:

This is gear_junkie_official on Instagram

Travis Powell says:

Looks good Brooks. Looking forward to following the build.

Oldbarn Homestead says:

Brooks! Finally started the channel, New garage/shop is looking great. Car is coming along. I was thinking you had a full enclosure on your cnc mill? will be cool to do the path pilot upgrade

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