Make a Garage Workshop

Make a Garage Workshop

Convert Your Garage into the Ideal DIY Workshop with a Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

Turn a garage into a functional and good-looking DIY workshop by first clearing the garage completely. Like a clean canvas, an empty garage lets you plan what you need rather than planning around the clutter. Lay out cabinets, counters, shelves, drawers, pegboards and bins for a workshop with a place for everything and then put everything in its place.

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Aussie Gold Dog says:

Great video. I’m just about to do a complete refit of my metal fabrication shop. You have given me some great ideas.

Mr J-Charles says:

At least you didn’t make it obvious in your video all the sponsors that paid for this. I do like those plastic Stanley cabinets. I have a cheapo house those would work good for the kitchen. Right now I just have shelves in there with the fast track like you used.

The BlueBearDuck says:

@0:03 "I gave some thought to video quality… But not a whole lot." 😉

William Ratliff, MA says:

well done…..but i live in the philippines……i cannot get anything like that without paying too much……….suggestions?

Howard Wilburn says:

You lost me when you went with prefab cabinets instead of building your own.

Chris Graham says:

Yep! "Too good looking to be practical". Every tool looks spotless and brand new. Looks like a double car garage, not a single. Maybe it's just a set sponsored by all the tool brands posted along the wall. No "how to" video has value unless you disclose the cost of the renovation. I don't trust a workshoper who doesn't have a little grease under his finger nails and some saw dust in his beard.

Vasiliy Vasiliev says:

Говно пластмассовое..

Michael Byrd says:

I really like the updated look… very neat. It would also be helpful if you would post a link to these products so we could take a closer look. I can find them on my own but it would just be faster (for us lazy guys).

Juliet Phillips says:

I am thinking that it looks nice…nice and expensive!

Gallery Kitchens and Baths says:

Very well done Ron.

Fu Yu says:

Streamline n functional garage workshp. Another good video. Everytime I watch one of your videos, learn more handy facts n info. Like the fact that your videos are without standby helpers as many of us do not have that luxury. And you provided us with tips on how to resolve that situation.
Looking forward to your next video.

John Sciarrino says:

Where do they find this music

Cup & Cone says:

We had almost identical plastic cabinets in our garage after being convinced they would handle chemicals, spills, and humidity better than wood… After about 10 years of being in a Florida garage, they sagged so bad the doors didn't open/close without coercing the cabinets back to square. It's not uncommon for unconditioned Florida garages and sheds to hit 120F+ in summer. Weight of contents+heat+plastic=no bueno.

Art H. says:

Excellent Project and Work.

The Meat says:

How much? It's a great system if we'd all get them from our sponsors.

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