Rebuilding my garage workshop for woodworking and tinkering

Rebuilding my garage workshop for woodworking and tinkering

You all called it. The ramps were a waste of space, and honestly I never really intended on leaving them permanently. We have plenty of dangerous stuff on Berm Peak.

So today we re-use the ramp wood to build an even bigger shop! Next to the bay door there’s enough airflow to do woodworking, making it the perfect spot for all the saws and sanders. Enjoy

Magnets with mounting holes
Hardware Organizer

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Franklin Ayele says:

Can you please give me a bike i really need one

cody schindeler says:

I wish my dogs wouldn't destroy all my shit I'm my garage causing me to have put everything up high lol

James Nolan says:

The amount of work that goes into these videos is impressive, that you can do this every week is incredible.

Crazy Gamer says:

I got a hack, if your snack can be frozen freeze it and put it in a plastic bag then put it in your water bottle to keep the water cool when riding

Screuu Guglew says:

You'd think he learned his lesson after nearly breaking his neck last time!
He's not a 'quitter'; he's something else….

Brett M says:

I officially hate you 🤣. Killer shop 🏴‍☠️

John Felkins says:

What helmet are you wearing in the video? I like that army green. Thanks!

nicenice says:

Pro tip: store bacon strips in a big gap of your teeth for quick access on the trail or for a quick snack while riding

Kyle Brown says:

got the exact same husky toolbox that i did!

Anthony Young says:

Stars to a workbench! I like it. I climb on my workbench a few times a week to.

cam erickson says:

Build a loft for bike shop and storage and make a ramp out

Mandala Bleiberg says:

Hey Seth! I live in Grand Junction, CO, and bike all the time at Lunch Loops. I've seen the few videos where you've been here, and since then, there have been some major changes. Because of funding from Colorado West Land Trust and other funders, there is now a concrete bike path all the way to the trailhead of Lunch Loops from downtown Grand Junction. New shade structures have been built at the trailhead and it's overall a brand new place. Next time you're in Grand Junction, or just out west, it would be cool if you made a video about the new renovations and maybe about how a community can impact a trailhead.

Steve Plum says:

Started seeing your videos on Facebook. I got hooked so I came to YouTube to subscribe!! Love your Videos Seth, I have learned so much about bikes I just got me one. Keep up the great work my friend!

André Fontes says:

Seth, always taking the concept of mancave one step further

Lampermatt says:

Can you ride the unicycle down the stairs?😂

Grant Brannan says:

Only OGs will remember: the drama drop.

neil crompton says:

243 dislikes? some people just have their heads up their butts 😔😔

Jeff Everhart says:

If you’re going to be using a table saw a bunch, I highly recommend sawstop saws… it saved a friend of mine’s thumb.

Seth Frankel says:

How many times will you trip over the stair stringer past the first tread before you cut it off? I’m guessing twice.

Grant Brannan says:

Okay ngl this is so cool!

No Shinigami says:

hope you dont ruin your toes at the lowest stair 😀

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